Championship Events


Swimmers MUST have swum in a minimum of 3 dual meets during the swim season to be eligible for any of the following Naperville Swim Conference Championship Meets (per conference rules).   See CLASSIC & CITY information below:

Classic Championship Meet

Swimmers, aged 12 and under - who have not met the time qualifications for the City Championship Swim Meet or who have met the time qualifications for the City Meet, but choose not to swim in the City Meet, may swim in the Classic Championship Meet. The time and location for this meet will be listed on the website.  Many swimmers qualify for awards and it is an exciting way to end the swim season. Please try and arrange your schedule so that your swimmer can attend this important event. Parents have a responsibility to work at this meet if their child is swimming.


CITY Championship Meet

All swimmers aged 13 and older, and those swimmers aged 7-12 who achieve a time equal to or faster than the City qualifying time in one or more stroke, may attend the City Championship Meet. This is the final meet of the Naperville Swim Conference season and includes all 22 teams in the Conference. At the City Meet, swimmers are eligible to swim in individual events in which they have achieved qualifying times, and additionally may compete in relay events in any stroke at the coach’s discretion.  If a swimmer who has achieved City qualifying times opts instead to participate in the Classic Meet, they may only swim in individual events or relay leg strokes in which they have not achieved a City qualifying time. A swimmer who has participated in the Classic Meet may swim in the City Meet at the coach’s discretion, but only as a member of a relay team.


Parents have a responsibility to work at CITY or CLASSIC meet if their child is swimming.

Season best times for those aged 13 and older will be used to determine the tier in which they will swim in the City Meet.