Bad Weather?

              Bad Weather

    ​ Morning Practices:  We will hold practices every morning - unless you receive an email directly from Coach the morning of practice because of  a severe weather situation --- WE WILL HAVE PRACTICE.  Even in the case of rain - the swimmers can work on "DRYLAND" workouts under the awnings for strength & conditioning.  PARENTS, it is your discretion whether or not you send your child up to practice.

    If lightning is visible during a meet or practice, any adult should bring it to the attention of the referee, and it is incumbent upon the referee to clear the pool for a minimum of 15 minutes. At Breckenridge home meets, the referee will clear the pool for 30 minutes.  If there is no lightning or thunder during that time, the referee may resume the meet.

     In the case of the above weather, swimmers will be directed to immediately clear the water and everyone should clear the pool deck and seek shelter in the locker rooms or in their vehicle.  Please follow the direction of the referee and the pool staff/guards.  Do not remain on the hill area or in tents, and for the safety of everyone, please do not use umbrellas.  If necessary, the pool staff will open the gates at the back of the hill to facilitate faster evacuation.  Please do not leave the meet until it is definitely called off.  If a meet resumes after a weather delay, swimmers must be prepared to swim the original schedule. 

    We try to hold practice as much as possible.  If you feel it is too cold to send your swimmer to practice, please do not send them: YOU ARE THE PARENT & THE ULTIMATE AUTHORITY FOR YOUR CHILD.   We do have swimmers who do not mind swimming in the rain or when it is colder than 65* outside.   If this weather does not suit your child especially for the younger ones, please respect the fact that others still want to practice.  We will try to send out emails letting you know if practice is canceled.  With our weather changing rather quickly, it is best to use your judgment.  The Coach will always be at the pool for you to stop by and see if practice is held.  We may cancel one age group and if the weather gets better, we will run the other age groups.  Our intent is to get in as many practices as we can.