Disqualification: DQ

       Disqualification - DQ CARDS


  • Swimmers can be disqualified in any event for start, stroke, and touch-turn and finish violations.  If a swimmer is disqualified in an event, the time does not count as an official meet time, and the swimmer does not qualify for an award for that event.  When an official notes a disqualification, he/she will fill out the information regarding the reasons for disqualification and raise the card to notify runners for collection.  Note that all references are event, heat and lane assignment.  Officials do not have access to lane assignment sheets and swimmer names during the meet. 

  • Disqualification is common in the early age groups, especially on Butterfly and Breast Stroke and especially at the beginning of the season.  Please inform your new swimmers that disqualification is part of the learning process.  Every swimmer has been disqualified at some point in his or her career. 

  •  Sometimes officials do not see a stroke infraction.  If this is the case, the swimmer is not disqualified.

  •  Swimmers can also be disqualified or removed from a meet for sportsmanship and behavior infractions.  Coaches and meet officials can evict swimmers for these offenses.