Meet Attendance

              Meet Attendance

. . .  How many meets does my child “have to” swim?

        It is completely up to you as to how many meets you would like your child to swim.  Obviously, their improvement in any sport or activity is dependent upon their involvement and commitment level.

        A minimum of 3 dual meets is required to be eligible to participate in the City or Classic Championship meets. We do not recommend waiting for the last three dual meets if you can avoid it, since sometimes we have to cancel due to weather and we are unable to reschedule.

     The only other “requirement” is that every family must work their 4 job minimum work requirement, regardless of how many meets your child chooses to participate in.  This will be checked very carefully; this sport does not work unless everyone contributes. (please note that job # may change per season)

  **It is YOUR responsibility to sign up for each of the meets that your child is able to swim. 

     From the website, visit the Events page.   Each event will have an “Edit Commitment” button with which you can change your swimmer to “Not Available”  to “Attend”.   

     We understand children become ill or other things come up, so request that any changes within 10 days of a meet be communicated to the head coach as soon as possible.