Volunteer Jobs

Job Commitments & Parent Responsibilities


Regular Meet Jobs per Family

  • Can be in any combination up to 4 (1 person & job for 4 meets; 2 people & jobs for 2 meets; 4 people & jobs for 1 meet, etc.)
  • Anyone over 15 can work (parents, siblings, grandparents, babysitters)
  • Swimmers in Time Trials or Championship Meets? Additional jobs will be required for those.


Sign-ups Open: May 13th at 6:00pm

Sign-ups Close: May 27th at 4:00pm

  • Jobs will be assigned to anyone not signed up by the deadline.
  • $75 escrow checks will be cashed for a failure to work a job. We need YOU, not your money.
  • Can’t make it? It is your responsibility to find a substitute (even if your child is no longer swimming the meet).

How to:

  • Go to the Swim Meets tab on the website.
  • Click “Meets & Job Sign-Up”
  • Click “Job Sign-Up” on your chosen day
  • Check the box in front of the job you are selecting
  • Fill in requested information (name, phone number)


During Meets

  • Sign in at the worker table 1 hour before meet start (your substitute should sign in & say they are subbing for you).
  • Some jobs may require early start or late finish. Be sure to check prior to the meet.




Contact Linda Teets: ldteets@yahoo.com.

Job descriptions can be found HERE.