Do I have CITY Times

  Do I have a "CITY TIME"?


1) Print & reference the CITY TIMES CHART from the Naperville Swim Conference


2) You can easily look on our website & check their actual times as well.....  www.bbreakers.com


This is also helpful before a meet to teach the child to watch their times & try to reach whichever goal they may be personally setting... a time drop or a City Time!!!!


  • Sign In with your login

  • click MY ACCOUNT (on left side)

  • click MY MEET RESULTS  (also on left side)

  • by Time Standards - select 2017 NSC CITY STANDARDS

  • by Time Conversion - select SCY  (means short course yards - which is what we swim, not meters)

  • by Member - select Your child

  • then lastly click SEARCH  (look only for meet results for 2018 on the far right side)

  • any CITY Times s/he DOES have will appear in Green - indicating how much faster than the standard s/he is.  

  • The orange highlight shows how close s/he is to CITY time in those other swims.  Great info for goal setting!!!! orange means s/he does not have the CITY Time yet.

  • Again - be sure you are only looking at results from this swim season!!!!  (see far right column)