Meet Rules

 BREAKERS Meet Rules & Regulations


All swimmers, parents/volunteers, officials and coaches will be governed under the Naperville Swim Conference Bylaws and Rules.  These rules are available for your review on the Conference website: NSC: Naperville Swim Conference (see Rules & By Laws).   We will all abide by these rules & bylaws.


  • There is to be no running, shoving, jumping, or any other inappropriate behavior during the meet. Pushing anyone into the pool is strictly prohibited.
  •  At home meets, the baby pool is strictly off limits to all swimmers and spectators.  All swimmers should remain near their team area.  In the event of a change to the line-ups, the coaches should be able to find you easily at all times.  Kindly, be respectful of similar rules when we are a guest at other pools.
  • Lifeguards and/or coaches should be notified in case of emergency.
  • A member of the coaching staff from each team must be poolside during warm-ups to maintain control and safety.  Warm-up guidelines are to be adhered to.  Diving is permitted only during designated times and in designated lanes.   Feet first entry to the pool is required all other times.
  • Food is allowed in designated areas only. There is no clean up staff, so everyone needs to do their part in clean upABSOLUTELY NOTHING, except for water, is permitted on the TENNIS COURTS.  Please be respectful to the parents working as “MARSHALLS” who will ensure that rule is followed.  We must be a good example to our children as to respecting authority & rules of this team.
  • Swimmers with shoulder length hair or longer are required to have their hair secured and off the face.  Preferably, swimmers will wear a swim cap.
  • Have fun and always do your best.