Where is my child's ribbon?

The dual meet ribbons will be filed into your family files sometime during the day after the dual meet.

If you child did not receive the ribbon they expected:

  • If they are over age 12 - we do not award ribbons to ages 13 & over. These ages tend to not value the ribbons as much as the younger kiddos & are more interested in their actual times.  If your age 13&over child DOES still want to receive dual meet ribbons, please contact/email our Awards Chair.
  • If you child is under age 13, and they did not receive a ribbon.... most likely they were DQ'd from the event (either because of their start, turn or stroke infraction.)  There are many many ways to be DQ'd from an event - especially in FLY & BREAST.  Only the ages of 5/6 are not DQ'd.   You may look for the DQ card in your family file or email coach for details.   Link to DQ card


Please direct all questions to

Teresa Newton