Look Like a Breaker!

Each swimmer registered by May 1st will be provided with a complimentary latex swim cap & Breakers t-shirt.

All swimmers are encouraged to wear team swimsuits and team swim caps during swim meets. Although this is not mandatory, it encourages team spirit and unity, plus it makes it easier for coaches and parents to recognize our swimmers.

Goggles are also strongly recommended.


Team Suits can be ordered from the Swimmer's Edge in Woodridge (7532 Janes Ave, Woodridge, IL 60517, 630-985-2334).

Suits on offer for the 2018 Season:

TYR Solid Royal Female DiamondFit Thin Strap with Logo

TYR Solid Royal Female Maxfit Thick Strap with Logo

Tyr Solid Royal Male Jammer with Logo

Tyr Illume Black Blue Female Diamondfit Thin Strap No Logo

Tyr Illume Black Blue Male Jammer (No Size 22)


Look like a Breaker out of the water too! We are pleased to offer hoodies and flannel pants to show your Breaker spirit. Download the order form here and turn it in with a check payable to “Breckenridge Breakers” by Friday, May 21st. Drop off instructions are on the order form.

Head of Apparel: Allison Fosdick     Afosdick@gmail.com