Job Descriptions

Barracudas Parent Volunteer Job Descriptions

Some jobs require special training and will be filled by the board prior to general job sign-up.  

Families who have not signed up for the required number of jobs by June 4th may be automatically assigned and emailed their jobs.  

Sometimes circumstances prevent a family from being able to fulfill their jobs. It is completely acceptable to find a replacement. The replacement must be at least 16 years old. Please be sure to communicate the transfer of job coverage to ensure your family gets credit for covering your job responsibility. If you need help finding a replacement, please reach out to the Jobs board member (Jamie Dornfeld – [email protected]).

The three job requirement only applies to regular season meets. Families participating in an INVITE or in a CLASSIC/CITY meet may be required to work that particular meet.  We are still waiting to find out what these meets will look like and will communicate the expectations when we have a better understanding.

Swim Meet Jobs

Announcer - Announces events and swimmers throughout the meet. Announcer will play music in between events. Announcer reports to assignment 15 minutes prior to the start of the meet and stays the duration of the meet.

Bag Tag Distributor - Hands out bag tags to the winner of each heat. Expected to arrive 15 minutes prior to the meet and stay the duration of the meet.

Clerk of Course (CoC)Lines swimmers up in the correct order prior to their events. Assists and organizes several junior coaches who will help in locating and identifying the swimmers for their events and lining them up correctly. There will be two CoCs for each meet. One CoC will need to post a copy of the heat sheets in a location that is accessible to swimmers such as on a fence near the bullpen, etc. Once swimmers are correctly lined up for their heat, the CoC will escort them to the appropriate lane and return to escort the next group of swimmers. Must report to assignment 25 minutes prior to the start of the meet and stay until the swimmers for the last event are lined up. This position is also needed for away meets and cannot be filled by a first year swim team parent.

DJ - Plays music during meet warm-ups and between events. DJ can choose music or use provided Spotify playlist. Expected to arrive 1 hour before meet and stay until the end.

Concessions (2 shifts) - Helps at the concession counter during the meet. There will be two shifts: early and late. Early shift reports 30 minutes prior to the start of the meet and late shift stays 30 minutes after the meet. Both shifts stay throughout the meet to help sell. Concessions this year will include packaged goods and drinks only.

Floater - Assists with whatever is needed. Serves as back-up as needed. Keeps busy areas clear. Must report to assignment 30 minutes prior to the start of the meet and is expected to stay for the duration of the meet.

Griller - Grills hot dogs and hamburgers for concessions during evening home meets. Expected to arrive 1 hour before the meet begins.

Invitational Helper - Works boys or girls invitational. We are still waiting for details of what assistance will be needed.

Parking Attendant - Helps with parking congestion at home meets, starting 1.5 hours prior to meet through the start of the meet. 

Runner - Runs time cards from timers to scorers & DQ cards to the scoring table. Must report to assignment 15 minutes prior to the start of the meet and is expected to stay for the duration of the meet.  The timers meeting begins promptly 15 minutes prior to the start of each meet. Runners must attend the timers meeting prior to every meet.

Scoring Assistant - Assists scoring team during meets.

Set Up & Clean Up - Helps with general set-up of the pool for the meet and then get the pool back to how is was prior to the meet. Must arrive 1 hour before meet and stay ½ hour after meet. 

Timer - Checks each swimmer's name to ensure swimmer is in the correct event and lane for each heat. Timers use stop watch to record times in that lane and give the times to the runners. Timers must be on their feet for the entire meet and focused on each event. Timers must sign in at the worker check-in table and get a nametag. All timers must attend the timers meeting 15 minutes prior to the start of each meet. Timers will be given a stopwatch, line assignment, and specific instructions, as well as answers to any questions. Timers are expected to stay for the entire duration of the meet.


Non-Swim Meet Jobs

End of Season Event Helper (July 18th) - Assists with set up and clean up of end of swim season event.

Picture Day Helper (June 16th) - Helps organize swimmers and passes out donuts.

Pool Party Helper (June 8th) - Assists with opening swim team pool party. Arrive at 2:30 PM for set up and stay until 5:30 PM for clean up.

Tie-Dye Party Helper (June 22nd) - Helps with annual t-shirt tie-dye event.

Trophies - Orders and distributes team trophies. This job counts as 3 and will fulfill all job requirements for the season. Please reach out to Jamie ( to volunteer.


If you are unable to complete a job you signed up for, please try to find another swim team parent to replace you. Facebook posts will be set up to match people looking for jobs with people looking for replacements. If you need assistance, contact Jamie Dornfeld at [email protected] or 312-285-5496.