Parent Board

The Huntington Barracudas Swim Team Board is comprised of parent volunteers. 

Please feel free to contact any of our board members listed below with questions.  

Huntington Swim Team Parent Board - 2022

Co-President:  Michele Rorvick[email protected]

Co-President:  Bill Palm - [email protected]

Secretary: Teri Manderino - [email protected]

Treasurer:  Molly McDanel - [email protected]

Social Chair: Suzy Sharp - [email protected]

Spirit Chair: Kari Walker -  [email protected]

Social Media: Lauren Persin[email protected]

Jobs: Jamie Dornfeld - [email protected]

Fundraising: Kat Stark - [email protected]


Park Rep Officials Committee: 

Park Rep Classic Committee: 

Scoring: Timothy Buzzard- [email protected] and Bill McKenna [email protected]