Blue Dolphin Award


Criteria for the Blue Dolphin Award

The person who receives the Blue Dolphin award at the end of the season exemplifies the following criteria a step above the rest:

  • Sportsmanship – appropriate team interactions with own team and opposing opponents. Cheers on everyone, throughout all heats.
  • Dedication – self advocate of asking what should I improve on my swimming. Always gives 110% in each race that they swim.
  • Team Player – Doesn’t complain about events that they are or aren’t swimming. Always willing to help out when asked to fill in when needed.
  • Cheerful- Doesn’t let a bad day affect themselves or others during meets or at practices. The attitude they show is always positive and upbeat.
  • Performance – Significant amount of improvements over the course of the season (time drops). Always gives 110% at whatever they do.
  • Attendance – present at all swim meets that they were signed up to participate in and swam all events that they were placed in.