Job Sign-Up Instructions


Instructions for signing up for Volunteer Jobs

Step I: Log in to the website using your email address and password.

Step 2: Click on the Events tab near the top of the web site

Step 3: Click on Job Signup for the Event you would like to sign up for. There are 2 types of events:

  • Dual Meet
  • Social Event

Step 4: Under each Job sign up menu you will see categories for:

  • Food- food/ drink donations for end of season championship meet pasta parties
  • Worker- job assignments

Step 5: click on the box of one of the job assignments you would like to work

Step 6: click on the sign up button. A box will pop up asking for the name of the worker. Enter name and click sign up. You name will appear on the list next to the job.

Continue until you have signed up for 3 worker assignments. 

Step 7: return to events page. Click on REPORTS tab atop the page. Click on the JOB SIGN UP REPORT FOR MY ACCOUNT. You should see listed 3 total worker assignments. Print for your records.    ·


Each family must sign up for 3 worker jobs- either 3 dual meet worker jobs OR 2 dual meet worker jobs PLUS one Social event worker job.

Each family must sign up to donate 1 food/drink item to an end of season Championship meet pasta party, if your child is swimming in that meet.



You may only sign up for ONE worker job assignment at Time Trials.

You may not sign up for more than one SOCIAL EVENT worker job. A minimum of 2 of your family jobs must be DUAL MEET worker jobs.

You may hire a responsible teen to work one or all of your jobs for you. Enter their name in the job sign up. You will still receive the emailed reminder two days before the event. Please note, workers in the Concessions Hut must be 18. All other workers should be 16 or older.