How do I join?

 MBII has five requirements for swim team membership:

  • Membership is open to current MBII bondholders and summer members.
  • Each family must complete all registration forms and pay all fees.
  • Each swimmer must meet the skill requirements for new swimmers (see below).
  • Parents must sign up for four (4) work sessions which can include one social event.
  • Each family must donate a designated food or beverage to one social function (if your child is attending a championship meet).

The Naperville Swim Conference (NSC) requires that each swimmer can complete a race using the correct stroke. For swimmers ages 8 & under, the races are 25 yards (one length of the pool). Swimmers ages 9 & over swim 50 yards (two pool lengths) for most races.

Prior to becoming a member of the swim team, each swimmer must be able to swim the width of the pool (15 yards) without assistance, using any stroke. The swimmer may make several attempts to meet this requirement. For safety reasons, if unable to meet this requirement after the second dual meet, the swimmer will not be eligible to be a swim team member and the registration fee will be refunded.


The swim team expects younger swimmers to continue taking swim lessons to learn the fundamentals of swimming. There are many places throughout Naperville that offer swim lessons year round. Swim team practice is not a substitute for swim lessons. Swim team practice is intended to develop the strength and conditioning needed to be a competitive swimmer.  Swim lessons teach the strokes. In general, the more time spent in the water (practice time and swim lessons) the better the swimmer will become.