Volunteers Required

MB2 Volunteer Requirements

Swim meets require considerable effort to conduct, therefore we require the active participation of our swim team families.  Each family must volunteer for 3 jobs over the course of the season. Chairing or Co-Chairing one of the many committees will satisfy this requirement. The volunteer requirement applies even if your swimmer is not yet eligible to swim in a swim meet. Information on when job sign up will be open for the season will be sent via email.

Should you be unable to work the meet/shift you have signed up to work, it is your responsibility to trade with another person. If you don't work the assigned job or fail to find a substitute, you will be charged $50. Subsequent missed assignments may result in your child not swimming in a meet.

Jobs available at meets include:

  • Concessions- parent volunteers will serve food, collect money, make sno-cones, and perform set-up and clean-up duties. Breaks allow you the opportunity to watch your child swim.

  • Timers - start a stop watch when each race begins and stop the stop watch when the swimmer finishes. Write down times on clipboard. Attend Timer's Meeting/Training about 15 mins before meet begins. Timers work for the duration of the meet and the job allows you to watch every swimmer compete.

  • Runners - this person collects the papers from the timers and the disqualification (DQ) cards from the officials and delivers them to the scoring table.  Runners work for the entire meet and can easily watch their child swim.

  • Bullpen/ Clerk of Course - working with the Stroke Instructors, bullpen volunteers assist in getting swimmers lined up to ensure swimmers do not miss their events.  This is particularly important to our younger swimmers.  Bullpen workers work the entire meet and can easily watch their child swim.

  • Officials - must attend mandatory training class before the season starts. Officials serve as starter, stroke judge or turn judge at each meet. Officials work the entire meet and can easily watch their child swim.

  • Scorer - assist at the computer table during the meet by sorting the timer's sheets and DQ cards and possibly entering info into the computer.

  • Announcer - announce meeting times and other info about 30 mins before meet, read swimmer names after each race begins.