Swim Meets

How do Swim Meets work?

The swim team coaches prepare the line-ups for each swim meet. The NSC limits each swimmer's maximum participation to three individual events and two relays at each swim meet. At the swim meets, children are divided by age group and gender. Ideally, every child will have at least one opportunity to swim every stroke in competition during the season.

Swim Meets are held on Tuesdays, Saturdays, and sometimes on Thursdays. NSC requires each team to participate in a minimum of 8 dual meets. Dual meets last about 3 1/2 to 4 hours.

Swimmers only have to compete in a minimum of 3 meets to participate in one of the end of season Championship Meets. The more meets your child swims in, the more opportunity they have to earn Time Drop Awards.

Swimmers should arrive at the pool for swim meets by:

  • 4:30 pm for weekday meets
  • 7:30 am for Saturday meets

Meet Attendance

You will be able to indicate your child's availability for a swim meet online. The coaches need this information to schedule events at meets. It is very important that this information be provided accurately and in a timely fashion. If your child is scheduled to swim in a relay and misses the meet, three other children also miss the opportunity to swim that event.


We do conduct swim meets in the rain (unless there's a downpour). If there is thunder or lightning, the meet will be delayed until there's 30 minutes after the last sound or sighting. Most pools do not have enough safe indoor space for everyone, so you would go to your car until all is clear or you receive an email notifying you the expected time for us to restart the meet. If we have an air temperature under 65 degrees, we will consult with the other team to see if we want to reschedule or shorten the meet.