Swim team is not intended to supplant swimming lessons. It is about improving your swimming abilities in a fun, but competitive, environment.

• New 10-and-under swimmers must demonstrate their ability to swim 12.5 yards and float on their back at the preseason swimmer proficiency event, or provide proof of ability from an approved swim instruction school.

6-and-under swimmers are required to be able to swim across the diving well or shallow end (12.5 yards) without touching the bottom of the pool by Time Trials.

• Each 7-and-over swimmer is required to be able to swim 25 yards of freestyle and backstroke without stopping, touching the bottom of the pool, or grabbing the lane line by time trials.

Swimmers that cannot meet these requirements will be removed from the roster for that season and refunded the full registration fee. Age-group coaches will work with any swimmer close to eligibility or with special needs.

The swimmer age-group cutoff date will be strongly enforced. A swimmer must demonstrate to the Head Coach and swim team Parent Board that they have the swimming ability to practice with an older age group. Recommendations for a swimmer to move up will be made by the head coach and all moves will be decided by the Bucs Parent Board. If approved, the swimmer will be expected to practice in the approved age group. Swimmers can also move up if they have a summer birthday and moving up allows them to practice with classmates in their grade. All swimmers are required to compete during meets in their actual age groups.