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Suit & Cap Orders Due: Saturday, April 25

The BUCS team suit for the 2020 season is the same suit from the last few years for both boys and girls that embraces the classic competitive swimsuit design.  It is a TYR Phoenix Splice suit in blue and black.  There are two options for boys (jammer and racer) and girls (thin and thick straps).

There will be one suit fittings on Wednesday, April 15 in the Hill Middle School Commons from 5:00 - 7:30pm.  It is recommended that all new suits be fitted to ensure a proper fit.  If the date of the fitting does not work, suits can be tried on at or called into Swimmers Edge in Woodridge untuil Saturday, April 25.  Delivery of suits will be immediate if they are in stock, or approximately four weeks from the fitting with no additional fees. If you order after April 25, shipping and handling fees will apply.  Previous years' suit will also be considered proper attire for a swim meet.

Order your suit online at www.swimmersedge.com/teams/brookdalebucs.asp.

Each swimmer will be given a Bucs T-shirt.  Custom orders of silicone caps will be accepted by Swimmers Edge for $11 or two (2) personalized silicone caps for $30.  New swimmers will be given a Bucs cap.  There will be extra Bucs caps available if yours is lost or damaged.

A team suit and team cap (or plain yellow or blue silicone cap), if worn, are mandatory at all swim meets.  A swimmer will not be allowed to compete in a meet without the required team suit and cap.

Any issues with suits or suit quality should be communicated with John Schalk at (312) 420-4077.

Bucs Team Apparel

If you are looking to purchase new, or spruce up your Bucs apparel, it is available online or in-store. More information on ordering 2020 Bucs apparel will be coming soon!

Don't forget that each swimmer receives a free 2020 Bucs T-shirt.  New swimmers will also receive a Bucs swim cap.  We will not be automatically giving every returning swimmer a new swim cap, but they will be available if lost or damaged. These will be made available at the first practice or Time Trials.