Team Uniform

Bucs Team Uniform

A team suit and team cap (if worn) are mandatory at all swim meets. A yellow silicone cap or a blue silicone cap that matches the team colors may also be worn. A swimmer will not be allowed to compete in a meet without the required team suit and appropriate cap.

Every few years, the team will switch suit styles as old styles become unavailable. The suit this season will be the same suit used during the 2015-2019 seasons, a TYR Phoenix Splice in Black/Blue. The Bucs team uniform can be purchased from any of the following retailers:

Urban TriGear in Westmont
All American Swim in Wheeling
Dick's Sporting Goods

Each swimmer will be given one team latex swim cap and Bucs T-shirt.  Personalized silicone Bucs caps will be available for purchase.