• Ensure swimmers arrive on time and in proper attire for meets and practices.

  • Have swimmers available for all of their events at meets. Notify the coaches in advance if a swimmer must leave early.

  • Sign swimmer into meets on the web site at least one week prior to the meet. Coaches plan the lineups several days in advance and late-minute additions aren't possible.

  • Ensure swimmers are dressed appropriately for weather conditions.

  • Focus on your child’s effort and development rather than winning or losing.

  • Support your team in a positive manner.

  • Introduce yourself to the coaches. Please remember to thank him/her each season.

  • Notify your swimmer’s coach of any special needs prior to the first practice.

  • Work your required jobs to help the team run successful meets.

  • Encourage swimmers to eat snacks in the concession area and not in the team area.

  • Have your swimmer help with cleanup in the team area after each meet.

  • Remember that swim team practice is NOT meant to be a swim lesson.  If your swimmer needs extra help with any stroke, sign up for group and/or individual swim lessons.

  • Use sportsmanlike conduct on and around the pool, whether home or away.  Unsportsmanlike conduct may result in a warning given by the Naperville Swim Conference representatives. Parents can be asked to leave the area.

  • If a problem develops between a swimmer or parent and a coach, discuss the problem first with the coach. If the problem cannot be resolved at this level, contact a Parent Board member.



  • Use appropriate behavior before, during and after all practices and meets.

  • Show respect to all coaches, referees, judges, spectators and fellow swimmers.

  • Show respect to all equipment and facilities.

  • Arrive at all practice and meets on time.

  • Notify your coach, as early as possible, if you will not be able to attend a meet.

  • Listen to the coaches.

  • Be prepared for practices and meets.

  • Learn.

  • Be honest.

  • Cheer for and encourage your teammates.

  • At meets, see your coach after your finish swimming your events.

  • Eat your snacks in the concession area, not in the team area.

  • Help clean up the team area at the end of the meet.

  • Practice good sportsmanship and help your parents do the same.

  • Do your best and HAVE FUN!