Rules and Guidelines


  • No GLASS containers are allowed in the pool area
  • Poor behavior on the pool deck will not be tolerated. Parents will be notified


  • Be on deck 10 minutes before practice is scheduled to begin. Use this time to stretch
  • Team suits may be worn for practice but be aware that continual exposure to the pool water, sun and repeated washing will fade out the colors and stretch the suits. You may choose to use last years suits for practice and save the new team suits for the meets. Many swimmers train with several practice suits on, usually loose fitting, for the purpose of creating drag. Please put your name in your suit
  • Swimmers are expected to make a practice commitment and abide by it. Coaches will expect swimmers to do their best while acknowledging that everyones best is different
  • Only team members may swim with the team during practice
  • Practice may be cancelled due to lightning. We will follow a 20 minute rule on lightning. We WILL conduct practice in the rain

Swim Meets

  • Be on deck 15 minutes before warm-up is scheduled to begin. Use this time to stretch
  • Heat Sheets will be available at the meet prior to the first event. Check for any changes in your events
  • All swimmers must remain within the pool area during the meet
  • Each swimmer is responsible for knowing their events. Pay attention and do not miss your event
  • After your race, report to the coaching staff for evaluation and analysis
  • Suggested Snacks: Water/Gatorade, Fruit, nuts, and other healthy options