Practice Policies

Call the Mudrat Hotline at 630-848-0993,
option #3,#2 for practice changes and cancellations


1. Attendance will be taken within the first 5 minutes of practice each day. Children need to be at 3 out of 5 practices to be in all meets for the week, 2 out of 5 practices to be in 2 meets and 1 out of 5 to be in 1 meet for the week. Exceptions may be made for swimmers that are swimming on other teams or for vacations. Please send your coach an email if you are going to miss an extended amount of practice time!
2. Swimmers need to arrive 5 minutes early for designated practice times. Your swim cap and goggles should be on so that you are ready to get into the water on time.

There will be absolutely NO swimmers on the lower deck during other practices. You must stay on the grass until designated practice times so that the coaches can focus on swimmers in the water.Note: At Naperville North, swimmers must remain in the bleachers until designated practice times.