Frequently Asked Q's

Swim Team Frequently Asked Questions


What is the purpose of Time Trials?

Time trials enable coaches to place your child properly in relation to other swimmers’ in his/her age group.  Being placed properly will allow your child to compete against swimmers of comparable ability/speed.


With so many children swimming, how often will my child have a chance to swim in a meet?

Most children in the 6 and under group swim in two events backstroke and freestyle in every meet. Ages 7 and up swimmers will swim in 2-3 events including two relays. 


How will I know what events my child is in?

The day before the meet, the coach will have lineups completed.  You can click on edit commitment on the website and scroll down to see what event numbers your child is in.  In addition, sign in sheets will be posted the day of the event.  The sheets will show what event numbers and what relay your child will be in.  It’s important to highlight your child’s name on the check in sheet.  This let’s the coaches know that your swimmer is present.


Will a meet be canceled?

Meets are delay or canceled based on weather and this will be decided by the head coaches or park representative of each team prior to the start of the meet.  Every attempt will be made to make up any meet which is canceled.


When should we arrive at a meet?

Swimmers should arrive one hour before the start of the meet to set up, positive check in and participate in warm ups.  For Saturday meets, positive check in is at 7:30am. and swim meet starts at 8:30am. For weekday meets, positive check in is at 4:30pm and swim meet starts at 5:30pm.  It is important to be on time so relays can be confirmed.  Also, write event numbers and stroke on younger swimmers’ hands in pen or marker.


Explain positive check in again?

We ask each swimmer to highlight their name on the check in sheets (a copy of the line-ups) so that the coaches know which swimmers are at the meet and who is not.  At home meets these sheets will be stapled on the parking lot fence facing the parking lot.  At away meets we will find a central point by our team area.  This should be the first thing that is done when you arrive at the swim meet.


What to bring to a meet?

Most swimmers like to have a blanket, sleeping bag or portable chair to sit on in between events.  Bring at least two towels and warm dry clothing-this is especially necessary at night and early morning. At night meets, bring bug spray.  Pack some entertainment, playing cards, books, computer games, etc.  Take advantage of the Tennis Club’s concessions.  Money is collected for the swim team at the concession stand, so at home meets, please eat and spend lots!!!


How long will meets last? 

Evening meets end around 8:00-8:30pm.  Saturday meets usually end before noon.  You do have the option to leave after your swimmer completes his/her events and they are NOT scheduled to swim the Free Relay at the end of the meet.  If you are working as a volunteer, please stay until your job is complete. It’s also fun to cheer on the relays at the end!


Team Area

A team area is designated for each team at each swim meet.  At home, our team area is the parking lot closest to the Tennis Club.  Swimmers are encouraged to remain in the designated team area between events unless they are going to concessions or the washroom.  This is important when it’s time to line up the kids for their events.


Do I need to be with my child?

New swimmers’ parents should stay with them and walk them through their races at the beginning of the season. Until the swimmer is familiar and is old enough to pay attention to the event numbers, the parent needs to help. There will be a bullpen that will line up 10 and under swimmers, by heat, in the team bullpen area and then bullpen workers and coaches will lead them to pool deck and behind the blocks.  We ask that once your child is lined up, you stay away from the starting block area.  


What if we need to leave?

We ask that if your child is in a relay, you stay to their last event.  If for some reason you need to leave a meet, and your child still has events, please, please, notify the coaches AND bullpen workers.  This is important as we will be searching for your child for their next event if we are not informed.  If you know you have to leave a meet early prior to the swim meet, please specify in the notes section when you commit your child to the meet on the team website that they will be unavailable for relays. 


Any other questions?

Please ask a coach or email Coach H at