A vs B Meets

A vs B Meet:  What's Involved

The Competition Team participates in two related leagues: the Northern Virginia Swim League ("NVSL") and the Fairfax Developmental League. NVSL meets are commonly known as "A Meets," while the Fairfax Developmental League meets are commonly known as "B Meets." Critical differences between the two leagues boil down to this:

- B Meets are not scored and do not count towards the team's won-lost record.
- A Meets are scored and count towards the team's won-lost record.

- B Meets will include as many heats of each stroke as necessary to allow all swimmers to participate.
- A Meets include only one heat per age bracket, per stroke.

- B Meets are open to all team members who wish to compete, based on parental sign-up with some restrictions.
- A Meets are limited to the team's top performers based on Head Coach selection.

- B Meets include an age bracket dedicated to 6 & Under swimmers.
- 8 & Under is the youngest age bracket recognized in A Meets.

- B Meet time results may help your child qualify to swim in an A Meet.
- The NVSL does not consider B Meet times to be official for league record purposes.

B Meet Eligibility Rules

B Meets are real meets with all the same judges and disqualification rules applicable to A Meets. Placement into a B Meet is by parental sign-up, subject to these caveats:

- Each swimmer may register to swim no more than IM plus two other events.
- Swimmers must be legal in IM or all four strokes before registering to swim IM.
- Coach approval required for 10&Under swimmers, before registering for:
--- fly, until you have a legal time for this stroke.
--- breaststroke, until you have a legal time for this stroke.
--- backstroke, until you have a legal time for this stroke.
- Mini Sharks may not register for any B Meet without coach approval.

B Meets are designed to provide a venue for competition for our swimmers who do not regularly participate in A Meets. Fairfax Developmental League is imposing these additional restrictions on A Meet swimmers:

-- Swimmers who swam an event in the most recent A Meet may not swim that same event at the following B Meet. These swimmers are encouraged to swim the other events not swum in the most recent A meet.

The registration rules and order of events for any given meet may be modified due to weather conditions. Having a legal time means swimming for CCH in Time Trials, an A Meet, or a B Meet, in an individual event (not a relay) without being DQd in the current season or most recent season.

B Meet swimmer registration decisions are ultimately subject to approval of the B Meet Coordinators.