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Country Club Hills Swim Team

Swim Team Board Structure Summary

The Swim Team Board (STB) was created to bring together those individuals who are heavily invested in supporting the swim team and to provide guidance and support to the Team Representatives (Team Reps).  The role of the STB is to provide input to the Team Reps on big issues and decisions, and help guide swim team policy, and participate in the selection of the Head Coach and new Team Reps, as necessary.  The day-to-day decisions will be made by the Team Reps. 

In order to accomplish this role, it is critical that the STB members be individuals who have an eligible child on the swim team and have been active swim team volunteers for the past two years.  In addition, the composition of the STB will strive to have a well balanced board that represents parents of swimmers across various age groups and swimming abilities.  STB members will be asked to serve three one-year terms before rotating off the board.  There will be two in-person meetings of the STB, one at the beginning of the swim season in late spring and one at the end of the swim team year in late September or early October.  Availability by email or phone to address and discuss issues as they arise during the year will also be required by STB members.  Open positions on the STB will be communicated by the Team Reps to the entire Swim Team family.

If you are interested in learning more about this important volunteer role of the CCH Swim Team, please contact the Team Reps at or any of the current STB members.


2019 Swim Team Board


Janice CarrollCo-Team Rep

Doug Cox- Co-Team Rep

Deana McNeelyB Meet Co-Rep

 Jeff DeWeese– B Meet Co-Rep

Joe Budzynski Treasurer

Stacey Bryce

Eileen Davidovich

Jen Hanks

Michelle Roth

Lori Vintilescu

Ben Ogletree - Past Year Co-Rep