Team Philosophy

The CCH Sharks swim team is a member of the Northern Virginia Swim League (NVSL), which is the largest summer competition league in the US for swimmers ages 18 and under and the Fairfax Developmental League (FDL). The NVSL has three core principles:  to instill a love for swimming as a sport, to enhance the skills of all participants, and to learn and live by the principles of good sportsmanship.  The CCH Swim Team likewise is rooted in these same three core principles.

Because we are teaching sportsmanship, those who participate regularly will learn the importance of teamwork, respect for other people, and respect for other people's property. Teamwork starts with the example that parents set when they work at one of the many volunteer jobs necessary for swim meets to go forward. Examples of respect include, cheering for the struggling swimmer who give it their all, even if they finish last; clapping when the last swimmer finishes a race (even if that swimmer is on the other team); and pitching in to help clean up the pool after our swim meets.

Because we seek to enhance everyone's skills, CCH offers swim team members training routines under the direction of an experienced team of coaches. Participation in scheduled practices is a self-rewarding activity: those who regularly attend practices form lasting social bonds with their peers in their practice group; and as an added bonus, regular participation tends to lead to refined technique, endurance, and speed.

Because swim team is a sport, achievement matters: CCH encourages swimmers to strive for their own personal best; but we do this without focusing on beating anyone else. While NVSL sanctioned "A Meets" are scored and are usually limited to the fastest CCH swimmers, our team also participates in the Fairfax Developmental League, which hosts meets that are open to swimmers who do not qualify to participate in A meets.  Development Meets are not scored; place does not matter; and swimmers participate in hopes of improving upon a personal best time.

The CCH program is designed with the hope that your children will love it. Swimming is not for everyone, so we can't promise that every child will love it. It's not all games and pancakes; training is meant to be hard work. But if you ask 20-something kids who stuck with the CCH program, their first responses in describing their experiences will include words like "friends" or "fun".