Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

What is the NVSL? The Northern Virginia Swim League is the largest summer swim league in the U.S.  There are 17 divisions and over 100 teams.  The NVSL determines which teams are in each division every year and ranks them accordingly.  Visit NVSL at for more information.

What is an A meet?An A meet is the official NVSL sanctioned meet between two teams in the same division, held on Saturday mornings.  It is a scored meet and counts toward the team’s league standing.  All Saturday morning meets, as well as the Divisional Relay Carnival and Divisional Individual Championship meets, have NVSL A meet status.

How does a swimmer qualify for an A meet?Swimmers are entered into A meets based on Coach selection.  These selections are based on placing swimmers in events with the underlying goal of our team winning the meet.  Typically, each team sends their fastest three swimmers for every event.  Since each swimmer is limited to two individual events plus relays, there are usually openings for many swimmers in each age group at A meets.  Fastest times swam in both A and developmental meets are considered for placement in subsequent A meets.  If a swimmer disqualifies in a stroke, that time will not be considered for A meet eligibility. Being the fastest is not a guarantee of placement: DQ risks, failure to attend practice, or misconduct are factors that may result in the fastest swimmer not being entered.

Does a swimmer need to be at practice during the week to swim at an A meet? - CCH’s policy is that a swimmer must attend at least one practice a week to be considered for the A meet unless the absences are cleared with the Head Coach and Swim Team Rep.  One example of an approved absence would be absence due to illness.

Why is a younger swimmer swimming in an older age group?When we do not have enough qualified swimmers within an age bracket to fill our allotted lanes at an A Meet, we will attempt to fill those lanes with the fastest available swimmers from younger age brackets. The term for this is called “swimming up.”  Swim Ups are eligible for legal times and points.

How are A meets scored?

First Place = 5 points

Second Place =  3 points

Third Place = 1 point

Relays are scored differently with First Place receiving 5 points and 0 points to Second Place.

What time do I need to be at the A meet?Team warm ups generally are at 8:00 am for home meets and 8:20 am for away meets.  Swimmers should arrive in time for warm ups for every meet.  All swimmers must be present at the pool before the 9:00 am start of the meet or he/she may be scratched and another swimmer put in their place. Once a swimmer is scratched, reinstatement at the same meet is not possible under NVSL rules.

How does a swimmer or relay qualify for All Stars?Individual swimmers qualify for All Stars by swimming one of the top 18 fastest times in their event and age group at Divisionals, NVSL-wide.  Relay teams are selected for All Stars by being one of the top 18 fastest teams out of all the Divisions during the Divisional Relay Carnivals.  Only legal times achieved at Relay Carnival or Divisionals count for All Stars.  Qualifying to swim in Divisionals is the same as any other A Meet: swimmers at the very top of the ladder will be given placement priority. We are only guaranteed 2 lanes in each event at Divisionals (unlike a dual meet where we have 3 lanes).

What is a Developmental meet?Swimmers also have the opportunity to swim in developmental or “B” meets on Monday nights.  These meets are not scored but times count for placement in A meets.  CCH belongs to the Fairfax Developmental League made up of 5 teams in our area.  We swim these same teams every summer; however, the teams in our NVSL division change every year, therefore we do not generally swim the same teams on Saturday and Monday.  All swimmers receive ribbons.  Swimmers will receive either 1st-6th place overall ribbons, participation ribbons for 7th place or higher, or a disqualification ribbon.

What time do I need to be at Developmental meets?Warm-ups generally begin at 5:00 pm for home meets and 5:20 pm for away meets. 

New Policy in 2018 for Developmental meets - There will be no "Time Only" entries by CCH swim team members in Developmental (B) meets.  If a swimmer swam in the preceding Saturday's A meet, they may not swim those same events in the following B meet for "time only".  They may sign up to swim events they did not swim at the preceding Saturday's A meet.  This policy resets after each A meet.

For Example:

Saturday July 1: Johnny swam 50 Free and 25 Fly

Monday July 3: Johnny may not swim 50 Free or 25 Fly at the B meet, but HE CAN SWIM 50 Breast, 50 Back, or the Individual Medley.

Why the new policy? - In the past, participation in B meets was open to A meet swimmers who would swim in B meet events, not to compete with more traditional B meet swimmers for ribbons, but merely to have yet another opportunity to obtain an official recorded time - usually for the purpose of trying to qualify for a slot in an upcoming A meet.  As a practical matter, however, including "time only" swimmers in B meets consumes a lot of time, thereby pushing the already lengthy B meets into the late evening hours before they are completed.  And to stay true to the spirit of the developmental meet, since not all swimmers are proficient in all strokes, the developmental meet is a good way for these swimmers to try and improve those strokes they did not swim in an A meet.

What should swimmers wear at swim meets? – New in 2018 - For A meets, the team suit will be REQUIRED and can be purchased from a link in the "Team Store" on this site.   For B meets, the team suit is highly encouraged but not required.   Most swimmers also wear goggles and a swim cap.   Latex team swim caps and team T-shirts are provided to all team members as part of registration dues as long as registration dues are paid by a specific date noted in team registration.

What should officials (Timers, Stroke & Turn Judges, Referees, etc.) wear to swim meets?The official uniform colors of the NVSL for deck officials are a white collared shirt and dark blue shorts or pants.  Jeans, while not forbidden, are discouraged.  Officials may not wear team T-shirts.  The rules are the same for the developmental meets.  NVSL logo apparel is acceptable and available for purchase.

Where do I get my ribbons?Each swimmer has a folder in the swim team box that is kept in the pool office.  Ribbons from Saturday meets should be in the folders by Monday morning practice and ribbons from Monday night meets are available Tuesday morning.  Personal Best ribbons from the previous Saturday and Monday meets are generally available Wednesday mornings.

End of Season Banquet.
At the end of the season, we celebrate our swimmers and our team with an Awards Banquet. Below are examples of a few of the awards given to swimmers.

PLEASE NOTE: All swim team members will receive an award at the end-of-season banquet, regardless of individual results.

* 4 Stroke Award: 
Awarded to any 8 & Under who swims all four strokes as individual events for legal times in any combination of the current season's Time Trials, B Meets, or A Meets.  A swimmer may receive this award once in this age group.

* All Around Swimmer Award:  Awarded to any 9-12 year old who swims all 4 strokes as individual events, plus the IM, for legal times in any combination of the current season's Time Trials, B Meets, or A Meets. A swimmer may receive this award once in this age group.

* Swim Up Medal:  Any swimmer who swims up in a higher age group during an A meet -- and finishes the race with a legal time.

Coaches also select swimmers for the Most Improved Award, Team Spirit Award, and the Coaches’ Award.

How can I submit my photos for the team video? We welcome photos for use in the video shown at the team banquet.  As you can imagine, with over 170 swimmers, it is very difficult to be sure and include every swimmer in the video.  Please consider sharing your photos so we can get as many kids on the screen as possible!  We prefer digital pictures and request that you submit them to one of the team reps.

How can I help? – VOLUNTEER!  It takes a lot of parents to run a meet.  We need help with concessions, timing, special events, set up for home meets, just to name a few.  Stroke & Turn Judges, Referees, and Starters need to attend an NVSL training session.  See the NVSL website for further info.  Older siblings not on the team are welcome and encouraged to volunteer.

Spirit Wear

Every swimmer registered by Monday May 20th, 2019 will receive a free CCH Team T-shirt and a Latex cap. 

For Silicone caps, sweatshirts, and other spirit wear purchases, please visit the "team store" tab on this webiste.

Team Suit

The team suit link can be also be found on the "Team Store" tab on this website.