The Cardinal Hill Dive Team is a member of the Northern Virginia Swimming League – Diving (NVSL-D) which was founded in 1956 to sponsor competitive diving among community pools.  The NVSL is the largest summer league in the United States with over 10,000 children participating.  The NVSL-D comprises 47 teams divided into 8 Divisions.  For the 2018 season, Cardinal Hill Dive Team is in Division V and will compete with Donaldson Run, Highland Park, Sleepy Hollow B&R, Sleepy Hollow Rec & Wakefield Chapel.

All Cardinal Hill Dive Team Programs are under the general supervision of the CHSRC Board Member for Dive Team Activities (Ilana Feuchter).  The Head Coach receives guidance and direction from and is responsible to the CHSRC Board Member for Dive Team Activities.  The CHSRC Board member meets with the head coach to review program progress.        

The NVSL Team Representative (Michelle Butler) assists the CHSRC Board Member for Dive Team Activities in the day to day supervision of the summer dive program.  The team representative is the official spokespersons for our team in matters regarding the NVSL, meet arrangements and conduct.  One team representative will be present during all competitive events.

The Head Coach (Brenda Massey) is responsible for the overall diving program.  The program is designed to be both safe and fun for all participants.  Winning meets and/or the division is a nice side effect!

The Assistant Coaches (Sydney Shelton, Liam Caldwell & Erin Crowley) will assist the head coach as required in practices, dive meets and social functions.