Each diver will have each completed dive “scored” in a dive meet.  They will receive a score from each of 5 judges.  Scores range from 0 – 10 including ½ scores.  The highest and lowest score on each dive is discarded.  The 3 middle scores are then added together and multiplied by the dive’s Degree of Difficulty (DD).  (The DD Chart can be found under the "Dive Meets" tab.) This is the total points for that particular dive.  The total points for all dives completed will be added for the diver’s meet score.  The diver with the highest points overall in an age group event will earn first place; the diver with the second highest points overall in an age group event will earn second place; and so on.

Judges are to look at all four parts of a dive:  approach, flight, execution, and entry.  In general points are awarded in the following broad categories:

                   10                Excellent

                    8½ - 9½        Very good

                   7 - 8            Good

                   5 – 6½          Satisfactory

                   2½ - 4½        Deficient

                   ½ - 2            Unsatisfactory

                   0                 Completely failed

          A referee (who may also be serving as a judge) will determine if a dive is “failed” (not correctly completed) in which case no points will be awarded for the dive.  This person will also call a “balk” (a diver clearly starts their approach, stops and restarts) in this case the dive is judged as usual but 2 points will be deducted from each judge’s score.

          Judges and referees are parent volunteers; they are not experts.  If you have a question regarding a score or a referee’s call please talk to the Head Dive Coach, the CHSRC Board Member or CH Team Representative.  It is not appropriate to speak to a judge or referee directly.  Remember that summer league is really about fun!