New This Year

What’s New This Year

We are in NVSL Division 3 this year along with teams from Crosspointe, Donaldson Run, High Point, Mount Vernon Park and Vienna Woods.

Head Coach Christine Canty and Assistant Coach Myles Brown are looking forward to a fun summer with the swimmers.

Each family is asked to volunteer for a total of 6 credits. A full A meet counts as ½ credit, and a full B meet counts as 1 credit. A marshal at an A meet counts as 1 credit, and a marshal at a B meet counts as 1.5 credits, because marshals are required to be on deck when the kids begin their warm-up. Families who only have Mini Sharks are asked to work 1 event only, and you will be given first shot at signing up to work Sharks & Pups and pep rallies.                          

We’re asking each family (including families who only have Mini Sharks) to donate 1 concessions item at the beginning of the season. This should cost your family no more than $15-20. The concessions sign up is here.

For both Time Trials and Boy v. Girl meets, we're asking each family to either work the meet. Since these are Hunter Mill only meets it is "all hands on deck" to ensure it runs smoothyly. If you have a swimmer(s) who are not swimming we ask that your family donate one concessions item.