B Meet Eligibility

Vienna League B Meet Eligibility Rules

Mini Sharks swim in the Lollipop meet only, unless cleared by the coaches to sign up for a B Meet.


1.  Swimmers who DID NOT swim in the previous Saturday’s dual meet -

  • May chose 2 events in the following B-meet.

2.  Swimmers who DID participate in the previous Saturday’s “A” meet and placed 1st or 2nd in one or both of the events –

  • May swim only one stroke on Monday for an unofficial time. Swimmers will not receive place ribbons. They may not swim the same stroke that they swam at the A-meet.
  • Swimmers who place 1st or 2nd in an A-meet will be allotted a total of 3 strokes/events (does not include relays) over the course of both meets.  Therefore, if they swim 2 events in an A-meet, they can only swim one event in the following B-meet.  If they swim 1 event in the A-meet, they can swim 2 events in the following B-meet.

3.  Swimmers who DID participate in the previous Saturday A-meet and placed 3rd, 4th, 5th or 6th in an event-

  • May not swim those strokes in the following B-meet, but may swim 2 other strokes for place.

Exceptions to these rules must be agreed upon by both team’s reps prior to the start of the meet.


Here are the complete B League rules.