A Meet Info

Information for Parents of A Meet Swimmers

Because we try to put our fastest swimmers in the Saturday meets, a Monday swim can change the Saturday roster. Kids can earn a spot on the Saturday team if they swim faster than a child who has been swimming Saturdays.

We've been asked how families are notified about their swimmer swimming on Saturday. Here's a quick rundown of the procedure:

* On Tuesday, Coach Christine assesses an updated list of every child's fastest times. Based on the team we will swim the following Saturday and the list of kids who have signed out (noted that they are unavailable) on Team Unify, she puts together the strongest team she can.

* Coach Christine gives the list to the team reps on Tuesday or Wednesday, if possible. We then text the families of those swimmers and ask them to tell us ASAP if any of their children will be absent. Note: the text will not say the names of the swimmers, so if you have multiple swimmers, you should tell us if any are unavailable.

* Coach Christine will fill in any holes created by absences. She may even be moving kids into different races. As soon as she knows the names of any new swimmers, the team reps will text your family and let you know.

* On Thursday evening, the team reps exchange our swimmer list with our Saturday opponent. Once everyone is in agreement on the lineup, the list of swimmers is published. An email is sent out to everyone, as soon as we get word. It should go out on Friday morning, at the latest.

* We will post the swimmer list on the bulletin board in the clubhouse on Friday. Questions, email