Volunteer Job Descriptions

Volunteer Commitment  

It takes close to 60 volunteers to put on a swim meet. The season will not run without volunteers. If your child is swimming, you should plan on working the meet. Please take a look at the document below to get familiar with some of the volunteer slots.

Volunteer Job Descriptions


Announcer - NVSL dual meets (full version)

Clerk of Course

Marshal Duties Handout

Marshal Briefing Card

Meet Volunteer Coordinator / Check-In Tasks

Meet Volunteer Coordinator / Check-In Tasks for Divisional & All-Star Meets

Ribbon Clerk: The job of a ribbon clerk is to affix the printed label on the applicable ribbon then distribute the award ribbons into the family swim folders located in the box drawers of the credenza in the lobby of the clubhouse.

Three sets of award labels will be printed based upon results from a Developmental meet: 1) Participant, 2) Personal Best, and 3) Place winners 1 - 6.  The labels are to be affixed to the back of the corresponding ribbon. The printed 2 or 3-column labels will be placed in sage color folder in the upper left hand drawer of the credenza. The colored ribbons are stowed in a plastic box, on one of the rack closes to the back door in the storage room, labeled 'B' ribbons. The 'A' ribbons are provided by the NVSL and are awarded for Saturday dual meets.

The data coordinator will do his/her best to print the award labels immediately after the meet but it may not be practical as it's already late into the evening and the guards wish to close down the facility. Inevitably the labels will be printed in the morning and dropped off at the clubhouse by 10AM. There is not a specific time in which the ribbons need to be in the swim folders, but the children will be looking for them the very next time they are at the pool.