Mini Shark Info

Information for Mini Shark Families         

Mini Sharks are younger team members. Minis must be 4 years old by June 1st, comfortable in the water, and able to separate from caregivers. Mini Sharks have a dedicated practice-time each weekday.

Our Mini Sharks are an important part of our team. They will work with their coaches on water familiarization and safety and stroke technique. As they practice, their endurance and confidence will increase, and they will be able to swim further without assistance. Some of our Minis will have a goal of swimming the length of the pool without stopping, while others will swim in their first meet. But we also hope they have fun!


Practice Information

Mini Sharks practice Monday through Friday for 30 minutes. The first practice is the Monday after Fairfax County schools let out. This is always listed on the calendar on our website.

It’s important that Mini Sharks attend practice as often as possible, as consistency and confidence are keys to improving their swimming proficiency. Minis work on basic water skills then work toward proficiency in freestyle and, if possible, backstroke. All Mini Sharks will participate in the Lollipop Meet, and more advanced Mini Sharks are encouraged to try a Developmental (Monday) Meet and/or the Boys vs. Girls meet at the end of the season.

Mini Sharks DO NOT come to afternoon camper practices. They can only be signed up for stroke clinics with Coach approval.

Team Suits

Mini Sharks are not required to purchase the team suit, although you certainly can. If you think your child will be ready to swim a meet toward the end of the season, feel free to purchase a similar, less expensive suit. It’s also nice for the Mini Sharks to look like the rest of the team in the team picture. Mini Sharks like to have the same suit as their Shark team members, and this suit can be worn in competition for as many years as it fits, so if your Mini will be a Shark next year, it may not be a bad investment.

Concession Donations

Even if you have ONLY a Mini Shark, you are asked to donate a concessions item to the Shark Shack. These will be sold at all meets, including the Lollipop meet.

Volunteer Requirements

While the full credit-hour requirement is waived for Mini-only families, we do require you to work 1 credit during the season. If you need assistance finding a job, please let us know.

Evaluation Sessions

All Mini Sharks must attend an evaluation session. Plan for your child to be with the coaches for no more than 10 minutes. Watch for an email about evaluation times.

Required Items

Each Mini Shark must have fins and a kickboard. You’re welcome to purchase one at any outfitter, but we will also have a selection for sale at the kick-off meeting and one day during the first week of Mini Shark practices. We may keep a selection on hand for the first few weeks of practice, as well.