HTM 2020 Swim Team Info

Swim Team Requirements:

  • Swimmers are required to certify via (Health Check) link up to 4 hours prior to practice daily. They will need to show their status check when they check in for practice.
  • Swimmers are required to take temperatures before coming to practice. Anything over 100.4 should be considered as ill and child should not come to practice.
  • All swimmers must arrive in swimsuits, ready to swim. No one will be utilizing the locker rooms to change clothes or shower.
  • No borrowing equipment; swimmers required to bring their own kickboards and fins.
  • Swimmers must enter/exit through gate to minimize contact with bathrooms.
  • Swimmers will leave bags in the designated areas by the fence. No touching any chairs. Carry equipment (fins, kickboards, googles) to assigned lane.
  • No water faucets will be available; all athletes must bring filled water bottles.
  • Bathrooms can be used but swimmers are asked to wipe down all surfaces. Swimmer entering a bathroom will be handed a Clorox wipe.
  • The COVID-19 Waiver must be signed prior to 1st practice.
  • Swimmers in next practice session will wait outside fence, social distanced, until their time slot and swimmers in the practice before theirs have exited.
  • Swimmers should not arrive more than 5 minutes before their designated swim time.



Swim Team Planning Information 2020:

  • Only kids 9+ who are able to swim laps independently will be able to register during Phase 2.
  • Christine must approve swimmers prior to participation in Phase 2 swim. All kids must be able to swim multiple laps to be on the team. Kids that cannot participate without a coach in the water will need to wait until Phase 3.
  • There will be 3 practice slots per day. Coach Christine will assign your child to a practice. Your child will be assigned day/time slots by Christine; do not send swimmers on a day that they're not assigned a slot.
  • Plan for 50 minutes of practice time with 10 minutes of transition time; The next swim group will stay outside the fence until called into their practice
  • Plan for a minimum of 2 practice slots per child per week. Aim for 3 per/week.
  • Practices will be held Monday through Friday in Phase 2. All 6 lanes will be used at each practice, with no more than 3 swimmers in each lane.
  • Swimmers will work on endurance and swimming technique.
  • There will be a max of 3 kids/lane, so 18 total in pool. May start with 2 per lane for 9-10 year olds.
  • Kids will start on different ends of the pool to minimize closeness. Christine and Senior Coaches will instruct kids where they should go.

  • Practice #1 kids must put backpacks/bags in designated spots near the pump house (the red building before the diving board)
  • Practice #2 kids must put backpacks/bags in designated spots near the baby pool.
  • Practice #3 kids must put backpacks/bags in designated spots near the pump house

  • Everyone who enters the pool deck (including Christine, Senior coach, and Lifeguard-certified junior coach) will wear masks until they enter the pool. Non-swimmers will wear masks at all time while on deck.

  • Possible coaching arrangement: 
  • 1st practice - Christine and 1 Senior Coach 
  • 2nd practice - Christine and 1 Senior Coach
  • 3rd practice - Christine and 1-2 Senior Coaches (will depend on ability level of kids)
  • No Junior Coaches during Phase 2, no coaches in the water

  • Each child will check in with Coach Christine before practice, to facilitate any necessary contract tracing.
  • Christine, Senior coach, and Junior coach all have the right to ask parents and swimmers to leave the pool in the case of non-compliance of the rules.
  • Cleaning will be done between groups, and a 30 minute clean will be done after the 3 hours of practice.
  • No meets or social events will be scheduled during Phase 2.
  • No Parents are allowed on deck. Parents may sit outside the fenced area, socially distanced. NO HTM FURNITURE CAN USED