Classic/City info

Classic Meet:  July 20, 2019 at Neuqua Valley High School

City Meet: July 26 & 27, 2018 at Matea Valley High School 

CITY MEET Qualifying times

City Meet

This year Classic and City will be run as they have been in the past.  “City Times” for each event by gender and age are posted. All 13 and over swimmers will swim at City. All 15 and older swimmers will swim at City on Friday night. If your 12 and under swimmer makes City Time for an event(s), s/he will be eligible to participate at the City Meet on Saturday with the 13-14 swimmers. Eligible swimmers from all Park District swim programs will have swimmers competing in this meet. Awards are presented to the top finishing swimmer by event, not by heat. You will be required to work a job at this meet if you have a child swimming in this meet. Generally, 10 and under swimmers swim in the AM  Session (7-noon). 11-14 year old swimmers swim in the PM Session (Noon to 4).


Classic Meet

If your 12 and under swimmer does not qualify for the City Meet, s/he is eligible to participate in the Classic Meet. Classic for the Naperville Y is scheduled for Saturday Morning, July 20. The Classic Meet is broken down into three or four different meets, all competing on the same day but at different Naperville high schools. The 20+ Park District swim programs are divided into groups. The Classic Meets are treated as individual competitions between those 7-8 teams. Awards are presented to the top swimmers by event and tier for each of the Classic Meets. You will be required to work a job at this meet if you have a child swimming in this meet. NOTE: Some Classic swimmers will be asked to swim on City Relays, in addition to their Classic events.