Practice Sign in policy


  1. 10 and unders must be escorted by their parent or guardian (in this instance; who ever brought them to the Y) onto the pool deck where they must be signed in at the beginning of practice and signed out at the end of practice. There will be a roster sheet at each pool for 8-under parent sign in/out. The CMY has mandated that 8-unders not signed in may not participate in any class.

  2. Families must have a written or printed and signed notice on file at the YMCA if their 10-under is to be picked up by someone other than a family member.

  3. Siblings 12 or older may escort and sign for 8-unders.

  4. Those youths 11 and older may sign themselves in and out of classes without a parent or guardian present (although you should make sure at drop off that there IS practice - pools have been known to close for mechanical reasons).