Meet Guidelines

Swim Meet Guidelines

Before the Meet:

  1. Please sign up for the meet online at under the “Events” tab. Please either “Accept or Decline” the meet so we know if you will be able to attend.

  2. For “B” Meets, please select which events you would like your swimmers to participate in. For “A” Meets, please let us know if your swimmer is able to attend or not.

    • ​For "B" Meets, swimmers are allowed to select two events to swim plus the 100 IM with the coaches' permission. If you placed top 3 at the "A" Meet the Saturday before, you may NOT swim that race at the "B" Meet. 

    • Swimmers are not allowed to age up and swim in a different age group at "B" Meets. The only exception would be any 6 and under legal in breaststroke and butterfly may swim with the 7-8-year-olds so they are judged fairly for any potential disqualification. 

    • To ensure a positive experience for all of our swimmers, if the coaches determine that a swimmer cannot technically and accurately perform the stroke and may, therefore, get disqualified, they will not be approved by the coach to swim the event at a B meet. The coaches will work with swimmers on their technique in practice. This prevents swimmers who are learning new strokes from the negative experience of disqualification until the swimmer is ready.

    • Please note that the coaches have the final say in what the swimmers will be swimming at the B Meets. We are working hard in trying to make sure that all swimmers gain exposure to all races, all events, and do not continually swim the same events over and over again. Our goal as a coaching staff is to prepare the swimmers to compete in all four competitive strokes throughout the summer and to achieve the best time possible. 

  3. A few days before the meet an email will be sent out containing information on warm-up times, pool location, and any other important information necessary to the meet.

At the Meet:


  1. Arrive at the pool at least 15 minutes before the scheduled warm-up time begins.

  2. Upon arrival, find the team area.

  3. All swimmers should check in with their coaches so the coaches know they are present.

  4. Five minutes before warm-ups, swimmers need to get his/her cap and goggles ready and report to the coaches for warm-up instructions.

  5. After warm-ups, swimmers will need to head back to the team area and wait until their first event is called.


  1. Swimmers should know what events they are in so when called they are ready to go.

  2. Once a swimmer's event is called, they will head over to the “Clerk of Course” with their caps and goggles. Generally, girl’s events are even-numbered and boy’s events are odd-numbered.

  3. Swimmers will wait in the “Clerk of Course” until it is time to swim where they need to be respectful to those volunteering, their teammates, and to their competitors.

  4. The swimmer will swim their race.

  5. After each race, the swimmer should immediately go and talk to their coaches. The coach will discuss the swim with the swimmer including positive comments, suggestions for improvement, praise, and stroke technique.

  6. After a swimmer is done and is sitting in the team area, it is expected that they stay and cheer for their team until the end of the meet.


  1. Once the meet is over, swimmers are asked to clean up all garbage within the team area. We want to make sure we left it just as clean as when we arrived.

  2. Results should be posted at the meet or will be posted online so swimmers can see how they swam.

  3. After the meet, swimmers and parents can talk to the coaches if they have any questions or concerns about the day’s swims either in person or set up a meeting via email.


What to Bring to a Swim Meet:

  1. Most important: Swim Suit, Team Swim Cap, and Goggles

  2. Towels – at least two

  3. Something for your swimmer to sit on.

  4. Clothes to wear over their swimsuit. Please check the weather to make sure you bring the appropriate attire. - HIGHLANDS SWIM APPAREL ONLY

  5. Sunscreen

  6. Water Bottle

  7. Healthy Snacks – granola bars, power bars