New Members

 Welcome to the LRR Stingrays registration help for new families!  It is a pleasure to see new families join the Stingrays.  Swimmers of all abilities are always welcome!  Summer swim is a time where we strive to have fun swimming and an environment that is enjoyed by the whole family! 

We encourage you to look through some of the information on the New Families tab to learn about the two swim leagues the Stingrays participate in.  We are confident your child will have a positive experience in either or both of these leagues...the NVSL or the WFDL. The New Families tab will also give you an idea of some of the team's social activities, parent volunteer requirements, etc

Our Stingrays Parent Information Meeting will be held on Sunday April 19th.   Check back soon for more details on location and time for the meeting.

Registration will open on March 15th.

If you have any questions about the team, please contact [email protected]

Team practices for the Stingrays begin on the day after Memorial Day, and take place in the afternoons until the end of the school year.  Morning practices will start the day after Fairfax County public schools' last day of school.  Practice times vary depending on your child's age group.  Practices are held Monday thru Friday, with two Saturday morning practices that take place during the timeframe between Memorial Day and the Last Day of School.  Time Trials are always the Saturday morning after school lets out.  For your knowledge in advance, parents are not allowed on the pool deck during any practice times.  This is for insurance/liability reasons, but more importantly, our coaches are there to instruct and ensure the safety of each of our swimmers.  This policy is strictly enforced.

We will be posting our 2020 practice times soon.  Note: prior to the start of the season, you may see the calendar for the previous year or it may indicate tentative.  Once the season is kicked off, the calendar will be ready for you to print off in  a handy one page format for you to print and keep. 

The Stingrays season runs from Memorial Day thru the last Saturday in July when we have our end-of-Season banquet the night of Divisional championships.  For a small group of swimmers, the season extends one additional week for All-Stars practices. All-Stars are held each year the 1st Saturday of August. Host location TBD. 

Membership Requirements:

The Stingrays are a neighborhood team.  In order for your child to participate, your family must live in the neighborhood of Little Rocky Run.  In addition:  

  • Each swimmer must possess a valid pool pass.

  • The 2020 volunteer requirement has not yet been finalized.  For the 2019 season, each family was required to complete a total of five (5) Volunteer swim jobs.

    If your swimmer qualifies to participate Divisional Relays, Divisionals, All Star Relays or All Stars, you should expect to volunteer for a job during that meet, as well.  There is some additional information about Volunteer Commitments on the New Families tab.

  • Your swimmer must be 18 years of age or younger as of June 1st, in order to be eligible to swim in the summer.


Registration for the Stingrays is completed online.  After registering, you can pay by bringing your check to the Parent Information Meeting or by dropping it off with our Treasurer or Registrar, or by credit card online.  You will be asked for complete medical information for each swimmer and provide current contact information for each family, as well as someone we can contact in the event of an emergency.