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2013 Gator Volunteers Needed!

By: Carly Johnson on 2/15/13 7:16PM

Happy New Year Gators!
Hard to believe we are just 4 months away from another fun summer swim season! The Team Board has been busy making preparations for the new season but we need your help! We need to fill several  key volunteer positions to make this season a possibility and a success. Most crucial need is:
Computer operator. This position is responsible for working with the coaches and opposing teams to input the meet information and for forwarding on meet results. The team has a fairly new lap top and printer for this position and training will be offered in May for the software program being used. We really cannot run a meet or the team without this position. For more information please contact Carly Johnson at 703-771-6382.
Volunteer Coordinator – Brenda Eck has once again graciously offered to coordinate the parent volunteers but this is definitely a 2 person position! If anyone is interested in working with Brenda to manage the volunteers please give her a call at 703-779-8031
Stroke and Turn Judges, Referee’s and Announcers - If you have previously been certified for these positions please plan on updating your certification again this spring as all certifications last only last 2 years. New officials are also needed in all positions! Certified judges will be given an official ODSL shirt once they have completed their testing! Exact training dates have not been set but will be held in April and May on Saturday morning and Wednesday evenings. Any questions about officiating can be directed to
Volunteer Jr. Coaches – We are always eager to have our own swimmers assist with the early practices. A short Volunteer application will be available March 1st on the website. This position is open to any swimmer or community member ages  14 to 18 that would like to work in a volunteer capacity. Great way to fulfill those volunteer requirement s for school/ scouts etc and help your team out at the same time!

We look forward to another exciting season but we need your help! Thanks for considering to become a volunteer this season!

The Greenway Swim Team Board

Address correction!

By: Carly Johnson on 8/1/12 11:41AM

For those of you needing to pick up your end of the year ribbbons and trophies the Allen's address is actually 316 Lawford not 304 as earlier listed! Sorry for the confusion!

Season Wrap Up Info

By: Carly Johnson on 7/31/12 1:41PM

Just a quick note to let those of you who did not make it to the end of season party on Wednesday last week that the trophies, ribbons and time sheets are available to pick-up from The Allen's front porch at 304 Lawford drive through the 15th of August. We had a super season with a lot of new team records and a lot of new swimmers who improved their strokes immensely while hopefully having a fun time! 

Thanks you all for the generous thank you gift card - so not necessary but greatly appareciated. Hope you all have a great rest of the summer and thanks again for maaking this such a positive experience for all the Gator swimmers !


Congratulations to All Star Swimmers!

By: Carly Johnson on 7/31/12 1:32PM

Congratulations to the Gators! Overall the Gators placed 13th out of 26. The women placed 11th and the men placed
14th against some much larger teams.

We also had team 12 records broken  by the following Gators:

Bella Sierra - 2 (7-8 Free & Fly)

Spencer Davis - 2 (11-12 Breast & IM)

Sophie Newton - 3 (15-18 Free, Fly & IM)

Sarah Sheridan - 1 (15-18 Breast)

Chris Howard - 2 (7-8 Free & Fly)

Nate Brown - 2 (9-10 Free & Fly)

In addition Coach Sophie set a new ODSL record for 50 fly beating her previous ODSL record! Congratulations Sophie - what an awesome way to finish your Gator swim carreer! 

Alink to the All Star MEet results will be up on the website shortly.

All Stars Meet Volunteers

By: Brenda Eck on 7/25/12 9:29PM

Hi guys,

I don't mean to be a pain, but we have to submit names of our volunteers by Friday, so if your child is swimming; please see what you can do to help out.  At this time we only have two people who have signed up and we have 3 more slots to fill. 



All Stars Volunteers

By: Brenda Eck on 7/24/12 10:28PM

We have just received our volunteer requirements for the/All Star meet and I have posted them on our website.  If your child is swimming, please take a look and see how you can help out.  Please notice the timer and stroke and turn positions are only for the second half of the meet.  Congratulations on making All Stars.  That is quite an accomplishment!

Go Gators!

Confirmation of All-Star Events

By: Carly Johnson on 7/20/12 5:27PM

Dear All Stars Swimmers,

Coach Sophie would like to confirm your events for next SAturday 's All Star Meet at Belmont C.C. Please check the list below and let her know if the items listed are correct. For those with ?? etc please confirm with Sophie what you will be swimming. This info has to be turned in by tomorrow evening.

Emily Alliss-bk
Oliver Alliss- fr,bk, fly
Sara Backus-fr, bk, br
Brody Brown-bk
Nate Brown- fr, br, fly
Alan Crouse-fr, bk
Spencer Davis- fr, br, IM
Ashley Eberly- br, IM
Chris Howard-fr, bk, fly
Claire Kauffman- fr, bk, fly
Sophie Newton- fr, fly, IM
Jack Ramberg-????
Sarah Sheridan- fr, br, IM STILL NEED CONFIRMATION
Bella Sierra- fr, bk, fly
Matt Thorn- fr, bk
PT Welter- fr, bk, fly


Upcoming Gator Events

By: on 7/20/12 2:35PM

Saturday 7/21 - Divisional Meet at Tavistock Farm. Warm-ups begin at 7:30 am Meet at 8 am. Scheduled to be over by 11:00 am!  A link to the Meet sheet is now available on the website if you would like to print one for tomorow. Good Luck to all our Divisional Swimmers!

All-Star Practices for all ages will be next Monday - Friday from 9-10 am. We do not have warm-up times or  Volunteer requirements yet for this meet - we will keep you posted as information becomes available.

End of year party is Wednesday 7/25 . Cake and Ice cream at 7 pm followed by awards and fun swim until 8:30 pm. Please RSVP for this event. It is listed under the Swim Meet category. Thanks!


Divisional Meet Info for Saturday at Tavistock

By: Carly Johnson on 7/19/12 10:34AM

Hi Parents of Divisional Swimmers!

Below is meet info for Saturday. Thanks to those parents who have volunteered already! We are still in need of timers and Stroke and Turn judges - please consider buddying up with some one to fill a spot - you'll have the best vantage point poolside!

Warm-ups are from 7:30 - 7:45 am. Be on deck by 7:25 ready to go. Meet begins at 8 am. Parking in the pool lot is reserved for coaches and handicapped spectators. Please park at the neighboring elementary school or on the street, but not where McAlister has the median strip. Parents are allowed on deck during their children's races but will sit on the hillside overlooking the pool. All swimmers must remain in the pool area during the meet.

T-shirts and sportswear will be available - see info below.

Main Event Sportswear will be making shirts on site at Divisionals starting before the meet and continuing through the end of the meet.
In addition to a Divisionals design, we have 20 other swim specific designs to choose from. Add our black lettering for a personalized look.
We carry multiple types of tie dyes and solid colors in short sleeves. In addition, we also have hoodies and sweatpants.
Meet is on ! WArm-ups at 6:15 pm

By: Carly Johnson on 7/18/12 5:52PM

HI Parents - if there is no more thunder between now and 6:15pm we will start our very brief  warm-ups then immediately

followed by the meet. If you hear thunder though the meet will be called off.

Thanks for your patience!

Relay Meet Tonight on Hold until 5:45 pm

By: Carly Johnson on 7/18/12 5:06PM

HI Gators - the weather has caused a hold on tonight's meet. A final decision will be made by 5:45 pm whether we can swim or not so please check back!!!



More Relay Carnival Meet info for Tonight's Meet

By: Carly Johnson on 7/18/12 7:19AM

Hi Gator Families!

Passing on  this message from the Watermoc's reagrding the relay carnival tonight.

We are looking forward to hosting your team this evening for a very relaxing and fun relay event.
Please have your parents park in the pool parking lot off of Hague Dr. If there is no room in the lot, please
park on Hague in the street. Your team will have the side of the pool closest to the clubhouse.
Warm-up is available for your team starting at 5:30pm. The meet starts at 6pm.

Concessions will be available - cold drinks, sno cones, pizza, and hotdogs.
During this meet, our team is collecting food for a Backpack Buddies program that will benefit children from
Evergreen Mill Elementary. There will be a box when you enter the clubhouse.
Feel free to pass this information on to your team if you think it's appropriate. (see details below)
Request for help in our community.
At the meet, there will be a collection box to support some of our families at Evergreen Mill Elementary and Francis Hazel Reid. St. James Church is organizing a Backpack Buddies program which will provide meals for the weekend for children who are currently receiving reduced fee or free lunches at school. Hunger does not take a day off.
This program will initially provide meals for 50 students beginning in the fall of 2012. Each weekend pack contains six meals – two breakfasts, two lunches, two dinners, plus snacks for the weekend. Each weekend meal pack costs an average of $7.50.
Needed Items in individual serving sizes:
Breakfast (oatmeal, small boxes of cereal, granola bars)
Lunch (cheese/peanut butter crackers, cup of soup)
Dinner (easy mac and cheese, tuna packets, ravioli)
Snacks (applesauce, pudding, fruit cups)
Drinks (shelf milks, juice bags, juice boxes)

Hopefully the weather will cooperate for this fun evening!

Fun Relay Carnival Meet info for Wednesday

By: Carly Johnson on 7/16/12 4:55PM

Hi Gator Families!

We finally got the scoop on the relay meet on Wednesday. It will be the Gators vs the Watermocs! A list of the events are listed below and parents are invited to join in the fun as well ( good way to keep cool - its goona be hot!) If you haven't RSVP's yet for this event please do so asap so the coaches can put together the teams with those swimmers who will be attending. We will also need 3-4 parents to help with clerk of course to make sure everyone gets to their races .

ODSL Fun Events Relay Carnival – July 18,2012
At Woodlea Watermocs
(all relays have 4 members on each team – either boys or girls unless otherwise noted)

Coaches 200 meter Free Relay

·    1 heat (one entry per team)

6 & Under 100 meter Duckie Relay(swimmers push a rubber duck through the water while swimming to the other side)

·    2 heats (two entries per team)

Family 100 meter Free Relay(Family members from a maximum of two families, any age, parents permitted.)

·    4 heats (four entries per team)

10 & Under 100 meter Duckie Backstroke– swim backstroke while balancing a rubber duck on your forehead.

·    3 heats (three entries per team)

11 & Older 100 meter Duckie Backstroke– swim backstroke while balancing a rubber duck on your forehead.

·    3 heats (three entries per team)

8 & Under 100 meter Animal Inner Tube Relay

·    3 heats (three entries per team)

9-10 100 meter Animal Inner Tube Relay

·    3 heats (three entries per team)

 11 & Older 100 meter Animal Inner Tube Relay

·    3 heats (three entries per team)

 Boys Crescendo Free Relay (6x25) – 6 boys, 1 per age group

·    1 heat (one entry per team)

 Girls Crescendo Free Relay (6x25) – 6 girls, 1 per age group

·    1 heat (one entry per team)

Boys - 11 & Older 100 meter Free Grudge Relayfor Boys who think they are faster than the Dads or boy coaches on their team

·    4 heats (four entries per team – two boys entries & two dads entries)

Girls – 11 & Older 100 meter Free Grudge Relayfor Girls who think they are faster than the Moms or girl coaches on their team.

·    4 heats (four entries per team – two girls entries & two moms entries)


By: Brenda Eck on 7/16/12 9:39AM

Hi guys,

We are coming to an end of our season.  The volunteers positions for Divisionals are now posted.  If your child is swimming in Divisionals, please see what you can do to help.  If you have not met your 5 requirements; now is a great time to do that.  The Stroke and Turn judges will only be working half of the meet.  It is my understanding that they will make the decision on who is working what at the timers meeting that morning.  If you'd like to work half a shift for timing and can find someone to releave you, that is great.  Just e-mail me and I will make both names appear on the timers slots.  I want to thank everyone for stepping up and making this a great season.


Divisional Meet Info

By: Carly Johnson on 7/13/12 8:12AM

Greenway Swimmers and Parents,
The Divisionals Meet is next Saturday July 21st. We must have the entries into to ODSL by this Monday! So on Friday at practice we will be taking requests for Divisionals Entries, if you will not be at practice you need to email your requests to me ( IF WE DO NOT RECEIVE A REQUEST TO ENTER YOUR CHILD WE WILL NOT ENTER THEM IN THE MEET! If you have questions about All-Stars vs Divisionals etc. please let me know Friday at practice or email/call me during the day on Friday (703-431-1958)
-Coach Jeremy

Tavistock Meet Info

By: Carly Johnson on 7/13/12 8:06AM

Greenway Gators,

We are excited to host the Greenway Gators tomorrow, July 14th. Our pool is located on Macalister Drive off of Tavistock Farm Drive. Parking will be available for your team in the pool parking lot. If additional space is needed it is important that your families know parking on Macalister directly in front of the pool (where there is a median between the 2 lanes) is not permitted (we have had visits from Leesburg police several times this year) or in the townhouse parking lot. Overflow parking should be on Macalister and Santmyer just after you pass the pool.
Your team warm ups begin at 7:35AM. When you enter the pool through the side gates your team area is on the right side as well as your parent seating area. The Clerk of Course if located to the far left of the pool close to the Tsunami team area. We do ask that you do not allow your swimmers to enter the baby pool although you are welcome to use that area for lining up swimmers, etc. Please have 3 volunteers to swim the flags across the pool during the national anthem. The ref and starter meeting for officials and timers is normally called around 7:40AM.
Tavistoc k Tsunami's

Upcoming Meet Info

By: Carly Johnson on 7/11/12 11:46AM


This Saturday is our LAST duel meet of the season! If you were not able to make it to practice today, haven't already talked to me about which event you wish to swim, or have not RSVPed on the Gators site that you will not be able to attend the meet, send me an email by TONIGHT at We have to send the entries to the away team by tomorrow so I cannot take any late emails.

Next Wednesday we will also be participating in a fun relay carnival at Woodlea so RSVP to the site if you cannot make it.
Finally, championship meets are just around the corner!! The Divisionals meet will be held at Tavistock this year on Saturday July 21. Anyone who does not have All-Star cuts can swim this meet. We don't swim relays, only individual events. If you are going to be around, this is a great last meet for the kids! We always have a ton of lifetime best swims. If you wish to participate and haven't signed up at practice yet, I will have the sheet out again at practice this Friday or you can send me your event requests by email. If you want to swim I need to know by FRIDAY evening. No later.


Sophie Newton

Swim Meet for 7/11/12

By: Brenda Eck on 7/8/12 2:32PM

Clerk of Course (team line up)

Clerk of Course (team line up)





Ribbon Writers

Ribbon Writers





Stroke & Turn Judges

Stroke & Turn Judges

Sleep In Tomorrow!

By: Carly Johnson on 7/3/12 1:41PM

Hi Gators! I just learned that the pool company did not schedule guards for practice tomorrow due to the holiday so there will be NO practice tomorrow on the 4th so sleep in!

Practice will be on schedule for Thursday evening and Friday morning.

Sorry for the confusion! Have a great 4th!


Gator News for 4th of July Week

By: Carly Johnson on 7/3/12 9:50AM

Hi Gator Families!

Hope you are all staying cool in this crazy summer heat! Just a few updates for this week. We will have practice tomorrow morning on the 4th of July - it will be a fun day with relays, sharks and minnows etc! No practice as usual on Thursday morning.

Our next dual meet is Wednesday 7/11 @ Lenah Run. If you haven't RSVP'd for this meet  please do so now! Our final dual meet will be on Saturday 7/14 @ Tavistock Farms. Relay Carnival is Wednesday 7/18 @ Woodlea followed by Divisionals at Exeter on Saturday 7/21 and All Stars at Belmont C.C. on 7/28. Our end of the year party will be Wednesday 7/25! Were did the season go?

Have a great 4th of July!  See you at the pool!



By: Brenda Eck on 6/30/12 6:49AM



By: Brenda Eck on 6/30/12 6:42AM



Today's Meet at Home VS Exeter

By: Carly Johnson on 6/27/12 11:27AM

Hi Gators! It's going to be a great evening for a swim meet tonight! We will be swimming the Exeter Eagles at home. Our warm,-ups begin at 5 pm. Meet begins at 6 pm. If you are on set-up we will begin at 4 pm to get the pool ready! Lots of yummy concessions will be on sale so come hungry! 

If you didn't get a chance to sign up for Saturday's meet at practice today please send an email to the coaches to let them know what your swimmer would like to swim on Saturday.

Also, if anyone picked up a youth large Gator T-shirt with the name Graham in shapie on it could you please bring it to the meet - it belongs to Caleb Graham. Thanks!

See you at  the pool!


By: Brenda Eck on 6/23/12 3:37PM

We are so sorry, but when we were thanking people we left one out a very important person.  LISA HAMILTON . .. Soooo sorry you stepped up for Clerk of Course so easily we almost forgot it wasn't your assigned job for the day.  Thank you very much and please accept our apologies.

Brenda & Liz


By: Brenda Eck on 6/23/12 1:35PM

This morning we had several changes in volunteers by situations that just could not be avoided.  We are so happy that everyone stepped up and filled in .  We just wanted to thank all of you that either changed your job (Susan Crouse) or just volunteered to fill in (Joe Mitchum, Celesta Miller, Stephanie Saunders, Claudia Hughes and the dynamic duo of Carly and BJ).  You guys are awsome and that is why our swim meets run so smoothly.  Thanks so much! 

Wednesday looks very good.  As of right now we have a full set of volunteers, however on Saturday, the 30th, we are still in need of a referee and a stroke and turn judge.  Please check your schedule and see if you can fill those spots. 

Again, thanks for stepping up!

Brenda & Liz

Swim meet 6/23

By: Brenda Eck on 6/22/12 6:29PM

Hi guys it is me again.  We still need a ribbon writer and now we need a head timer and now a timer.  Please sign up if you can.  We can't run a meet with everyone's help.  Thanks,  Brenda

Swim Meet June 23rd

By: Brenda Eck on 6/22/12 3:38PM

Hi guys,

I wanted to remind everyone is setting up for the meet tomorrow to be at the pool by 7:45.  I will try and get there at 7:30 just in case we can get started.  Also We still need a ribbon writer and a head timer for the meet.  If you haven't signed up for your five slots, please consider filling in.


Brenda and Liz

Gator News

By: on 6/18/12 10:30AM

Congratulations to all our swimmers who swam on Saturday against Lifetime Fitness! There was a problem with the ribbon labels so the ribbons will not be available until later in the week.

Wednesday morning 6/20 will be Picture Day! Individual pictures begin at 8:30 am. Team photo at 9:30 am sharp! Forms will be available at practice tomorrow morning.

No meet on Wednesday evening. We have a bye on 6/20. Next meet is Saturday 6/23 @ home against Stoneleigh. Warm-ups at 7 am. We still need a Head Timer and one more timer. Please RSVP your swimmer if you haven't already. The sign-up board will be at the pool on Wednesday.

We are still looking for someone to take on the Computer Operator position for next year as Mark Newton is retiring as Sophie is swimmer for her last year. ODSL does offer training and certification but Mark was hoping to hvae someone spend some time with him this season to get a feel for what the position entails. If you have any interest please talk to Mark - we can't run a meet with this crucial position. Thanks!

See you at the pool!

Saturday 6/16 Meet @ Home VS Lifetime Fitness

By: Carly Johnson on 6/15/12 11:20AM

Congratulations Gators on a great first meet against our neighbors the Woodlea Watermoc's! Our next meet is tomorrow morning. Our warm-ups begin @ 7 am. Meet begins @ 8 am and should be over by 11 am. Concessions will be serving up Anita's Breakfast burrito's, Chic-Fil-A chicken biscuits and of course, donuts, so come hungry!

As always at a home meet please park on the road and leave parking lot spaces for our guests from Lifetime Fitness. Thanks!

We had a few mislabeling issues with the ribbons from last meet - if you should have received a colored ribbon but were given a participant ribbon please bring your ribbons to the pool on Monday and we will have the ribbons available to swap out.

See you at the pool bright and early! GO GATORS!

Today's Meet @ Home vs Woodlea

By: Carly Johnson on 6/13/12 10:18AM

Hi Gator Families!

Tonight is our first home meet against the Woodlea Watermoc's! Our warm-ups begin at 5 pm. Please be on deck ready to swim by 4:55 pm. Meet begins at 6 pm and should be over by 9 pm or dark . Bring sweatshirts and extra towels as the breeze is chilly!

If you did not get a chance to sign up today for Saturday's meet @ home vs Lifetime Sports please email coach Jeremy ( as soon as possible as the line-up will be finalized tomorrow evening.

Go Gators!!!!

2012 Friday Donut Schedule!

By: Carly Johnson on 6/13/12 8:08AM

2012 Gator Friday Donut Schedule

JUNE 15 - Early
*Allen dozen donuts
Bognar dozen donuts
Conroy dozen donuts
Decastro dozen donuts
Washington 2gal juice
JUNE 15 - Late
Allis dozen donuts
Bolavage dozen donuts
Brown/Walsh dozen donuts
Einarson dozen donuts
*Smith 2 gal juice
JUNE 22 - Early
Bradley dozen donuts
Crooks dozen donuts
*Crouse dozen donuts
Crump 2 gal juice
JUNE 22 - Late
Clark dozen donuts
Davis dozen donuts
Eberly dozen donuts
*Eck 2 gal juice
JUNE 29 - Early
DeMille dozen donuts
Gallo dozen donuts
Giurintano dozen donuts
*Messner 2 gal juice
JUNE 29 - Late
Gillin dozen donuts
*Goodhart dozen donuts
Backus dozen donuts
Sheridan, Gloria 2 gal juice
JULY 6 - Early
Graham dozen donuts


Today's Practice Cancelled Due To Weather

By: Carly Johnson on 6/12/12 8:01AM

The rain and prediction of possible thunderstorms by 9 am have cancelled practice for today. See you tomorrow morning!

Swim meet for Wednesday 6/13

By: Brenda Eck on 6/11/12 1:40PM

Hi Everyone,

We look pretty good for Wednesdays meet, but we do need a stroke and turn judge and a ref.  Those positions do require certification.  This is what I have so far.

Clerk of Course

Clerk of Course








Melissa Thorne







Head Timer

Brian Crooks




Notes from Coach Jeremy

By: Carly Johnson on 6/10/12 7:12PM

Hey Gators,
I just wanted to send out a few quick updates and reminders. Time trials went very well, thanks to both the volunteers and the swimmers for making an event that can be very hectic run smoothly and quickly. We will be having our first morning practice on Monday. All 6&unders, All 7-8's, and 9-10 Girls will be in the first practice from 8:30-9:15 (please be there at 8:25 ready to swim). 9-10 Boys, All 11-12, All 13-14, and All 15-18 will be in the second practice from 9:15-10:00 (please be there at 9:10 ready to swim). In addition, we will be having sign ups at practice on Monday for the meet on Wednesday. So if you have younger children please help them to sign up or remind your child to sign up while they are at practice. If you are not going to be at the meet please mark it on the website! And if you are not at practice on Monday please email me with the events your child wants to swim! ( Finally, I believe that Sophie, Emily, Sara, and myself will all be available to teach private lessons this summer, so please contact one of us by email or at practice if you are interested. Particularly for the kids who have not had much swim team experience, taking a few lessons at the beginning of the season will help them to get more out of the practices throughout the summer. Have a good weekend and I look forward to seeing everybody on Monday!
-Coach Jeremy

Time to RSVP for Time Trials Meet on Saturday!

By: Carly Johnson on 6/6/12 9:04PM

Hi Gator Families,

Computer Operator, Mark Newton, reminded me that he needs the information on who will be swimming at the time trials meet on Saturday to input that info into the Hy-tek system that sets up the heats for the meet. If you have not yet RSVP'd please take a minute at your earliest convenience to go onto the Gator website, click on Swim Meets and RSVP ( yes or no) for the Time Trial Meet and all the rest of the meets for the summer if you know your schedule at this time. This information will help the coaches and the computer operator plan for the upcoming meets.



Tonight is Manhattan Pizza Fundraising Night !

By: Carly Johnson on 6/6/12 4:13PM

Hi Gator Families!

Just a quick reminder that this evening, Wednesday 6/612,  Manhattan Pizza 703-669-4620 will return 20% of the profits to the Gator Swim Team for all purchasers who mention the Gators when ordering! Take a break from cooking and grab a pizza and suupport the team!

Ice Cream Social is Friday evening from at 7 pm followed by quick parent meeting and set-up for Saturday's Time Trial meet.

Last afterschool practice will be tomorrow evening - hopefully it will be a little warmer!!!

See you at the pool!


Exciting Gator News for Week of 6/4 - 6/9

By: Carly Johnson on 6/3/12 6:28PM

Hi Gator Families,

Thanks to all of you who made it to our first practice on Thursday evening! Next practice will be tomorrow evening, Monday 6/4. T-shirts and caps will be passed out tomorrow so even if you can't make it for practice try to stop by between 6:00 - 7:30 to pick you your child's shirt and cap - for those who can't make it we will have the remainder available on Tuesday. Weather permitting we will have evening practices on Tuesday and Thursday as well this week.

Congratulations to Coach Sophie Newton who will be graduating from Loudoun County High School next Monday and who has signed to swim with Rutgers University! Way to go Sophie!

Wednesday is Gator Fundraising Night @ Manhattan Pizza! You must mention the Greenway Gators when you order ( in house or delivery) and our team will receive 20% of the sales for that evening! Tell your friends and help support our team. Thank you Lisa Hamilton for setting this up for us! for menu etc...

Friday night Ice Cream Social @ 7 pm at the Pool followed by a quick coaches meeting to prepare everyone for the Time Trials meet on Saturday morning. Come out and socialize and help your kids prepare for the upcoming season! Ice cream provided!

Time Trials meet is Saturday 6/9. Warm-ups begin at 8:30 am and meet will begin promptly at 9 am. This not our usual Saturday morning home meet time frame but since it is just our team we are starting one hour later! Let the fun begin!

As always if you have any ?'s please let me know.

Carly Johnson

Final Officials Training this Saturday 6/2

By: Carly Johnson on 5/31/12 2:20PM

Calling all interested Stroke and Turn Judges, Refs and Starters! The ODSL has opened one last training for parents interested in becoming certified for these positions on Saturday, June 2nd. Stroke and Turn  and Announcer training will be from  2-4 pm Training for Referee's will continue from 4-5 pm. Training will be held at Lifetime Fitness, 44610 Prentice Drive, Sterling, VA.  We really need more trained announcers and referee's (this position requires certification in all 3 areas).

If you have any questions feel free to give me a call!


Carly Johnson


No Swim Practice Tonight due to Thunder

By: Carly Johnson on 5/29/12 6:29PM

The inclement weather this evening has caused the pool to close so there will be no pratice this evening. we hope for better weather on Thursday!

Email from Coach Jeremy

By: Carly Johnson on 5/26/12 5:12PM

Hello Greenway Gators Parents and Swimmer!

It is summer again and time for another season of Gators swimming. My name is Jeremy Begun, and I will once again be Head Coach of the Gators. I have been coaching at Greenway for the last several years and am excited for another excellent season. I will again be joined by Sophie Newton who has been swimming with the Gators for more than 10 years and has been coaching with me for the last several. Unfortunately, Arlyn Thaler will not be joining us this summer but we were glad to find two very capable replacements in Sara Backus and Emily Alliss. They are both exceptional year round swimmers, have been with the Gators for a long time, and stepped up last season to help out at a number of practices.
We will be having our first pre-season practice this Tuesday, May 29th, 8&unders are from 6-630, 9&10 are from 630-7, and 11&up are from 7-730. I will not be able to make it on Tuesday due to prior commitments but Sophie will be running practices and I will be there for the remainder of the pre-season practices. The dates for the other preseason practices have been sent out via email and should be on the website ( All of the pre-season practices will be the same as far as times for different age groups.
I am not going to detail the practice schedule cause it has already been sent out, rather I'm going to try to include some info and tips that you may not have heard yet.
  • It is recommended that swimmers attend all of the morning practices. However, we will also be offering afternoon practices twice a week. These afternoon practices are open to all swimmers; however if they start to become too full then we may have to restrict it to only swimmers that cannot make the morning practices

  • Please arrive early to practices, we have limited time and we need to maximize it, so swimmers should be on deck with there caps and goggles ready to go at least 5 minutes before their designated practice time.

  • It is recommended that all swimmers wear caps for practices and meets. I do understand that this is a stretch. So, for girls/boys with long hair please always wear a cap or at the very least a hair band during practice, and for meets everyone will be wearing a cap!

  • Swimmers should wear their team suits to all meets. Team suits are recommended for practice, but if you have another athletic swim suit you are welcome to wear that. I would advise against swim trunks for boys and bikinis for girls.

  • Goggles are not provided by the team. I personally recommend the Speedo Junior Hydrospects, but obviously whichever goggles your child finds comfortable and are effective work fine.

  • Meets will be held on Wednesdays and Saturdays (specific times sent out previously). Once again, having your child on deck and ready at least 5 minutes before their designated warm-up time is essential to keeping everything flowing smoothly.

  • Signing Up for Meets:

While all meet entries are decided by the coaches, we will be taking requests and generally try to get kids into what they want to swim. During wednesday practices there will be a sign up board for the meet the following saturday. During Friday practices there will be a sign up board for the next Wednesday meet. If you cannot make it to that practice but wish to request events, please email me directly at If you are going to miss a meet please post it on the website! There is a feature that allows you to select the meets that you will not be attending. It is very important to do this! During meets I want to be coaching and interacting with your kids, not having to change the meet entries!

I know this is a lot of information and that you have recieved a number of other emails from Carly, so if you have any questions please email me directly and I can find whatever info you need or sort out problems. I look forward to having a great season, Sophie will see you all on Tuesday and I look forward to being back on deck and coaching on Thursday!
-Coach Jeremy

Suit Try on Day - Saturday 5/12 8 - 9 am

By: Carly Johnson on 5/8/12 9:50AM

Thanks to all of the Gator families who made it to Gator Day on Friday to turn in waivers, pay and try-on suits. Carolyn Walsh, Gator Registrar, will be at the pool house this Saturday 5/12 from 8-9 am with the suit try-on pack for anyone who did not make it on Friday and to collect payments and waivers. Links to the suit order form and ODSL waiver are on the website. Please be certain to make a note on the waiver form what size T-shirt your swimmer would like. Parent/family shirts are also available to order at $7 each. Shirt sizing info:

YM 17.5 " W x 22" L (smallest available)
YL 18.5 " W x 25" L

AS 17.5" W x 22" L
AM 19 " W x 26.5" L
AL 21.5" W x 27.5" L
AXL 22.5" W x 30" L

If you can't make it on Saturday you can drop your completed waiver, payment check and t-shirt size at Carolyn's house at 206 Pathway Ct.

As a reminder ON-TIME registration ends on 5/11. Payments will increase by $20 per swimmer after that date and t-shirts will not be available by the start of the season so please try and register as soon as possible!


Gator Swim Team Board

Gator Day Reminder - Friday 5/4 from 5-7 pm

By: Carly Johnson on 5/3/12 9:04PM

Hi Gator Families !

We are up to 73 swimmers so far! On-time registration continues until 5/11 but tomorrow is Gator Day with swim suit try-on, fee collections, info sharing, t-shirt sizing and waiver signing. New parent meeting will be from 7-7:15. If you are not able to attend we will find an alternate date for suit sizing etc- check your email!

We look forward to seeing you all at the pool tomorrow!

Tha Greenway Gator Swim Team Board

Concession Manager Positions Filled!

By: Carly Johnson on 4/25/12 9:14AM

Great news and a great BIG Thank You to Maribeth Crooks and Beth Ramberg who have volunteered to take on the role of Concession Managers for this swim season! Concession volunteer positions are now posted on the website for each home meet so if you haven't signed up for your 5 required volunteer positions please consider working a shift in the fun and ever popular concessions!

Reminder that registration is still ongoing. On-time registration ends 5/11. Registration will still be available after that date but the price increases $20 for the first swimmer!

Suit Try-on, Gator info and New Parent Orientation will be next Friday 5/4 from 5-7 pm with new parent meeting at 7 pm. Waiver forms will need to be collected/signed as well. We are using the same suit as last year so if your child's suit still fits there is no need to purchase another. We will be taking t-shirt size orders this year instead of pre-ordering ( and ending up with lots of leftovers of the wrong sizes!) Swimmer's t-shirts are included in the cost of registration. Adult shirts will be availalble to order for $7.

The only key position still in need of a volunteer is the Computer Operator to learn the ropes this year with Mark Newton to take over next year when he retires. Any takers?

Deadline for the Gator Motto contest will be Friday 5/4. Bring your ideas for a catch phrase to go on the back of our shirts to suit try-on day!  See you at the pool house !


Registration Reminder

By: Carly Johnson on 4/16/12 12:18PM

Hi Gator Families!

We have 37 swimmers on the roster so far!!! Just passing on an important detail when you are registering. If you live in Greenway or have paid for an outside pool membership  you must click the Club Member box so that you will not be charged the outside member fee.  Member fees for the first swimmeris $100, second swimmer is $90 for this year. If you have been overcharged and paid via paypal we will reimburse you via check at Gator Day on 5/4. If you have any ?'s please let  me know,



Gator News!

By: Carly Johnson on 4/13/12 11:06AM

Concessions Manager Needed!! The Greenway Gators do not have a Concessions Manager for the upcoming season. We are at risk of no concession stand for swim meets. This will be a big disappointment to our swimmers as well as visiting swim teams. The concession stand is also a good source of revenue for the team, which allows us to keep registration costs low.

Please consider stepping up to head the concessions effort - or do it with a friend and divide your work in half! Our outgoing Concessions Manager, Maureen Kirk, has all of the information you'll need to run an easy and successful concession stand. Please contact her at to get started. Your kids will thank you!

On-line Registration open Today!

Sign your swimmers up at

Gator Meet and Practices Schedules

By: Carly Johnson on 4/9/12 1:49PM

The 2012 meet schedule is set: Gator Meets are listed below:

Saturday  6/9  Time Trials

Wednesday 6/13 - Home VS Woodlea

Saturday 6/16 Away @ Lifetime Fitness

Wednesday 6/20 - BYE - no meet

Saturday 6/23  Home VS Stoneleigh

Wednesday 6/27 Home VS Exeter

Saturday 6/30  Home VS Loudoun Valley Villages

Wednesday 7/4  No meet - Happy 4th of July!

Saturday 7/7  IM only meet at South Riding

Wednesday 7/11 Away @ Lenah Run

Saturday 7/14  Away @ Tavistock Farms

Wednesday 7/18 Relay Carnival @ Woodlea

Saturday 7/21  Divisional Meet @t Exeter

Saturday  7/28 All Stars Meet @ Belmont C.C.

Afterschool Practice Schedule - Tuesday 5/29 to Thursday 6/7 weather permitting Monday/Tuesday and Thursdays from 6 - 7:30 pm (age groups will be divided up after registration) beginning

Summer Practice Schedule Beginning Monday 6/11. Monday, Tuesday WEdnesday and Fridays from 8:30 - 10 am. Last year all swimmers 8 and under and 9-10 boys will swam from 8:30 - 9:10 and 9-10 girls and all swimmers 11 and up swam from 9:10 - 10:00 am. Depending upon registration this year's schedule should be similar. New this year!!! We will be offering evening practices on Mondays and Thursday from 7-7:45 pm for those who's schedule doesn't allow them to make it to the morning practices due to camp, summer school etc

On-line Registration Begins on Friday, 4/13!

Still looking for concession volunteers! We have 4 home meets plus time trials - all in June and need someone to coordinate all or even just some of the procurement and set-up of food stuffs. If interested please call Maureen Kirk at 703-669-5557.

ODSL Officials Training Reminder - First training is coming up Tuesday 4/17, 7-9 pm at Claude Moore Rec Center

If you have any questions feel free to give me a call or email.



ODSL Officials Training Clinics

By: Carly Johnson on 3/27/12 2:54PM

Hi Gator Families,

The dates for this year's Stroke and Turn, Computer Operator, Referee and Announcer Trainings have been set. If you went through the training and passed the test last year you do not need to attend. Certifications last 2 years. If you are a new official or  were grandfathered in last year you do need to attend one training and complete the online test. We ALWAYS need more trained officials so I encourage you to consider attending a clinic!

Officials - Tuesday April 17th 7- 9 pm at Claude Moore Rec Center

Computer Operators - Saturday, May 5th  8:30 - 10:30 am at Claude Moore Rec Center

Officials - Saturday May 12th 8:30 - 10:30 am at Claude Moore Rec Center

Clinics are free of charge and no advanced registration is required.

Also, SNOW Swimming is offering a Summer League Prep program at both Ida Le and Claude Mooore Pools.

Registration is open online at It just opened on Sunday afternoon for registration, but it will fill up quickly!
SLP at Ida Lee
4/14/12- 5/19/12     $75
8 and under 6-7pm on Sat night 16 spots-must be able to swim 25 free and back unassisted
9 and over 7-8pm on Sat night 32 spots-must be able to do 50’s unassisted
SLP at Claude Moore - no ages, swimmers divided by age by lane
M-W 6:30-7:30
4/9/12 - 5/23/12  $125
Thanks to those Gators who came out to swim on St. Patricks Day at Ida Lee! There weren't many of us but a good time was had by all!
Online Registration begins Friday 4/13!
If you have any questions feel free to contact me at 703-771-6382 or via email.
Carly Johnson
Gator Updates and Swim Day at Ida Lee - Saturday 3/17!
By: Carly Johnson on 3/15/12 6:33PM

Exciting Upcoming Events:

Swim Day at Ida Lee! Just a quick reminder that we will be hosting a get together at Ida Lee this  Saturday from 2-4 pm. We will be joining in the open swim time and encourage all swimmers to wear their Gator apparel! We will be raffling off a Gator Sweatshirt and towel! this is a great time for new/prospsecitve parents to learn more about the team so spread the word!

Team Motto Contest : We would like to add a motto to the back of our t-shirts this year and are looking for swimmer ideas! Please submit your kids ideas to Carly by April 1st! Winning motto will be chosen by the board and the winner will receive their own 6" inflatable Gator!

Outside Pool Memberships are now being accepted: If you are an outside member or know someone who would like to join the Greenway Pool, memberhship info is now available at $300 per family. To get the required paperwork please contact Lily Lombardo at

Meet Schedule out Soon! the ODSL meet schedule will be finalized this evening and we will share that info ASAP.

On-line Registration begins Friday 4/13 at

If you have any ?'s or comments feel feel to reach me at this email or 703-771-7790


Carly Johnson

Gator News

By: Carly Johnson on 3/2/12 5:54PM

Thanks to those who have already volunteered!  We are getting closer to our needs for the summer season thanks to the following individuals that have offered to help the team.

Carolyn Walsh - Registrar and Suit Try On house

Lisa Hamilton - Sponsorship Coordination and Restaurant fundraisiing night

Joanna Smith - Stroke and Turn Official

Areas still needed:


Computer Operator Assistant to take over in 2013 - we cannot operate with out this essential position

ExcitingUpcoming Events Dates

Saturday 3/17/12 - Gator Swim Day at Ida Lee Pool from 2-4 pm! Wear your green on St. Patty’s day and come out to swim with your Gator friends! Enter the raffle for a Gator Towel or vintage Sportswear item! Bring a friend and double your chances! This is a great opportunity for new families to learn about the swimteam so spread the word!

Friday 4/13/12- On-line Registration Begins. On-time registration ends on Friday 5/11. All registrations taken after that time will increase by $20.

Friday 5/4/12– Gator Suit Try on Day, Volunteer registration, at Greenway Pool from 5 – 7 pm. New Parent meeting will be held from 7:00 – 7:30 pm and is required for the parent of all new swimmers and open to all families.

2012 Meet Season : Time Trials: Saturday 6/9. End of season meets are scheduled for 7/21 for Divisionals and 7/28 for All Stars. Afterschool practices will begin the week after Memorial Day. As soon as the entire meet schedule is completed we will share that info for your planning purposes

Restaurant Fundraising Nights - Watch the sign board and your email for the dates of upcoming fundraising nights!

Sponsorships needed!We are looking for local businesses that will sponsor our team. For as little as a $100 sponsorship the business name and logo will be put on the back of the team t-shirts and placed on the Sponsor banner hung at all meets. For any sponsors that give $200 or more the family that is responsible for the sponsorship will receive a $25 reduction in their registration fee. Please think about the local businesses you frequent as potential sponsors - it doesn't hurt to ask! For a sponsorship form please email Carly. The sponsorship money will help pay for end of season trophies and help recoup loss of revenue if we have no concessions this year.

Hope to see you at Ida Lee on 3/17/12! As always if you have any ?'s or comments please feel free to email or call.

Carly Johnson