General Team Info

Eligibility to Participate - Residents and a limited number of Non Residents of Loudoun Valley Estates may enroll their children aged 5-18 years old.  Evaluations will be held on the first day of practice, Tuesday, May 30th.

This is required for all new swimmers on the team as well as 2017 minis looking to join the competitive team.  For 8U swimmers, they must swim one length of the pool freestyle or backstroke unassisted. For 9 and older swimmers, they must swim 2 consecutive lengths of the pool freestyle or backstroke without assistance or touching the bottom. If a swimmer is not qualified for our competitive team, they may participate in the Mini Torpedoes if they meet the guidelines for that group. Swimmers who are not ready for our Mini T's are encouraged to take group or private lessons to prepare for the following season. 

Suit and Equipment Requirements – Competitive swimmers are required to have a team suit, team cap, goggles, fins and kick board.  Competitive swimmers may wear last year’s suit or purchase the new 2017 suit at meets.  Please contact Cassels for your swim suits. They have odd operating hours so please call or check their website before you go.  Swim fins should be mid-length style, NOT the longer scuba fins or short styles.  An example is provided in the link below for the preferred fin style.

Practice Schedule

Our practice schedule varies from week to week.  Please review the calendar tab on our website for a daily listing of practice times.

Swimmers are grouped by age, not ability.  Practices are not considered swim lessons.  Swimmers will work on stroke refinement, technique, speed, and other skills required during practices in order to compete in swim meets.  Make-up practices will not be scheduled if practice is canceled.  Evening practice is for families with two working parents and is limited. Swimmers who elect this group may not attend regular morning practice, these groups are not interchangeable.

Practice Reminders
Water temperatures will be lower than normal at the beginning of the season, so please have your swimmers dress in warm ups to stay warm.
Swimmers are required to bring (goggles, kick board, fins) and be "ready to swim" at the start of the practice time.
Swimmers with long hair must tie it back or use a swim cap.

Afternoon Schedule (School in Session)
Prior to the end of School we will have evening practice.
8&Under        5:30 pm
9-10               6:00 pm
11 and Up     6:45 pm

Morning Practices (School Not in Session)

Mornings (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday)

8 & Unders - 8:00AM

9 - 10 years - 8:45AM

11 & Up - 9:45AM

Mini-Torpedoes - 11:00AM

Afternoons (Tuesday and Thursday Only)

10 & Under - 5:30PM

​11 &  Up - 6:15PM

No Practice on the Last Day of school and Thursday mornings, following a Wednesday evening meet, once the morning practice sessions begin.

Note:  Age grouping is subject to change by the coach, which may change your practice time.  You will be informed by the coach.

Inclement Weather Policy - If the pool is closed, all groups will be canceled.

Parent Meetings – There will be a mandatory parent meeting for all returning and new parents on May 30th and May 31st at 7 PM at the Clubhouse Pool.  Parents may attend either meeting.  There are a lot of changes this season and attendance is critical.

Volunteering Commitment - ALL families will be required to volunteer 18-22 hours at meets and in other ways during the season regardless if your child participates in meets.  Families will use the Torpedoes website to register for volunteering positions.  Exact hours required will be determined by the number of families committed as of June 1st and all families will be notified.  A $20/hour penalty will be assessed for every hour short of the determined required hours.  A swimmer is not eligible to register for future seasons until this fee is paid.

Fees & Registration:

Refer to registration tab