Coaching Staff

Coaching Staff

The Viperfish Board hires the coaching staff. The coaches are responsible for running practices, scheduling 
swimmers for meets, and maintaining team discipline at practices and meets. The primary functions of the coaching staff are to teach proper swimming techniques, good sportsmanship, provide feedback to swimmers, and to develop and run a structured swimming program.

Coaches will be available for questions from parents. However, if you need to speak with a coach this must be done through email or conversations after practice. During practice, it is very important for the coaches to stay focused solely on the swimmers. Also, when your child’s practice is over, another practice may be starting so please be aware of this before approaching the coaches. Remember, the coaches are responsible for the swimmers during practice and cannot be distracted. This is very important for everyone’s safety! 


Jasmine M Herbstritt

Head Coach

Email: [email protected]

Head Coach Jasmine Herbstritt joins Loudoun Valley Viperfish for Summer Swim 2022. I am currently on track to graduate this May, Summa Cum Laude at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia for my Master’s in School Counseling. Before that, I graduated Cum Laude from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University and double majored in Criminology and Sociology. I am currently working as a school counselor in the Warren County Public Schools. Before this I worked as a Youth Recovery Specialist where I supervised teenagers with physical and mental disabilities. I monitored teenager’s performance, behavior, social development, and physical health and assisted with conflict resolution and crisis intervention. 

I have a strong work ethic and believe in creating a safe and equal place for all students, and in the summer, our swimmers, to excel and to thrive in. Along with this, I want to be able to push my swimmers to grow into strong individuals both competitively and socially. My overall coaching philosophy is to have an environment that encourages swimmers to learn and develop in and out of the pool.  

Swimming has been a passion for me for about 15 years and continues to be. After joining a summer league while living in San Diego, I began competing year-round at age seven and joined the JCC Barracudas Swim Team for 4 years. My family relocated to Virginia and as I grew older, I switched sports to volleyball. In high school, I took another turn and was in the Briar Woods Marching Band all four years and became a Drum Major. However, my love for swimming had never gone away. I continued to practice whenever I could find a pool. I became a Lifeguard for about 3 years and have been a swim instructor since 2017, within the Brambleton communities. I was also an assistant coach with our very own LV Viperfish swim team. This is where I met my husband, Josh Herbstritt, who was a Viperfish Head Coach and later became the Devil Rays Head Coach for several years.

For the last 5 years, as a swim instructor, I taught children and adults at various ages on how to swim and use proper techniques with a 95% effective rate. I planned and delivered swim lessons using auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learning styles, including set goals and expectations for swimmers to reach their full potential. There were several occasions I taught the whole family and all siblings within a family how to swim. It gives me a LOT of joy to teach swimmers the joy of swimming at any age.

I am excited to have fun with you all this summer!

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