Try Out Schedule

Try Out

All swimmers who are 5 - 8 years old, MUST try-out and complete one 25 meter lap unassisted if they are doing competitive swimming for the first time. The swimmer can try out before the first morning practice.  If they do not succeed on their first try, the swimmer may try out as many times as they like but must successfully complete the tryout before joining their practice group. All tryouts must be completed by Wednesday, June 12 2019.

If you have a swimmer 9 years and older, the swimmer will not need to tryout but must be able to prove successfully that they can swim two laps of the 25 meter pool unassisted.

Evaluation schedules are as follow.  Please notify us through email at that you plan to come for an evaluation.

  • Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday starting on May 28 2019
  • Try out is 30 minutes before the start of the school practice schedule (i.e. at 4:30 pm). Please come early to ensure you are able to tryout for your child
  • All tryouts must be completed before Wednesday June 12 2019
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