All Star Rankings


End of the Season Meets

Swimmers will only be able to swim either Divisionals, or if they qualify, at All-Stars.  Swimmers are not allowed to compete in both meets.  The following are guidelines for participation in either meet:

Swimmers may only compete in the End of Season Meets (Divisional or All Stars), if the swimmer has swum in at least two League-sanctioned meets during the current season. 

A swimmer without an official League time (NT) in an event cannot swim in that event in an End of Season Meet.

Swimmers who are ranked in the top 18 (or move up to the top 18 in the seeding meeting July 15) in a single event can choose not to swim at All-Stars and may compete in Divisionals in any event other than the event they are seeded in the top 18 before the seeding meeting


Divisional Meets-Saturday July 20th

  • Open to all swimmers without an All Star cut and to those who have made it into one event at All Stars. If you choose to swim at the Divisional Meet, you will forfeit your spot in the All-Star Meet.
  • Those swimmers who have made it into two All Star events may not attend Divisionals. If a swimmer is ranked in the top 18 in two or more events prior to the seeding meeting they may only swim in All-Stars.
  • Those swimmers with one event entry to All Stars may not swim that event at Divisionals. 


All-Stars-Saturday July 27th 

  • The top 18 swimmers in each event will be invited to swim at All-Stars
  • Swimmers are allowed to swim a maximum of 3 events at All-Stars
  • If a swimmer qualifies for more than 3 events, they must pick only 3 events and then the swimmers that are ranked lower than 18th will move up


Important Dates:

  • Weekly-Swimmer ranking by event will be posted to the ODSL Website ODSL RANKINGS
  • Monday July 15th-Final Ranking will be published to the ODSL website
  • Monday July 15th-ODSL ALL STAR seeding meeting Gum Spring Library Meeting room 6-9pm. Team Reps or Coaches will come to the meeting with their swimmer’s intent to participate in All-Stars. The Team Rep or Coach will need to have the information about the top 18 and those likely to move “up” into the 18 event slots. A list of contact numbers for each team’s swimmer’s may be needed. 
  • Tuesday July 16th ALL ODSL Divisional entries due 5:00pm 
  • Wednesday July 17th ALL STAR entries draft out by 12 noon 
  • Thursday July 18th Divisional Final Heat Sheet due out by 5pm 
  • Friday July 19th All Star errors/corrections due by noon 
  • Saturday July 20th All Star final heat sheet out by 5pm