Manta Rays
2019 Summer Practice

For All Manta Rays Swim Team Members (Not for Minis)

Practice Schedule


May 28 to June 7

Evening Practices - Mon thru Fri
Martin’s Chase Pool

Ages 8 and under

5:30 to 6:30 PM

Ages 9 & over

6:30 to 7:30 PM

Morning Practices - Mon thru Fri
Martin’s Chase Pool

Ages 8 and under


Ages 9 & over




June 10 to July 19

Evening Practices - Mon & Th
Martin’s Chase Pool


All ages

5:30 to 6:30 PM

Morning Practices - Mon thru Fri
Martin’s Chase Pool

Ages 8 and under

8:00 to 9:00 AM

Ages 9 & over

9:00 to 10:00 AM


Practice Gear

Swimmers need at practice:

1.     Goggles

2.     Fins (optional)

3.     Towel

4.     Water bottle

5.     Swim cap

6.     Swimsuit (practice suit; we recommend saving the official team suit for meets only)

Label all of your equipment with a Sharpie.

Practice Etiquette

Swim practice is a time to improve on your own swimming, not compete with the other swimmers in your lane. It is important to follow swim practice etiquette to ensure you have enough space to work hard and think about your strokes.

1.     Leave the wall when the coach sends you off, when the swimmer before you has passed the flags with their feet, or when using the clock, 5 seconds after the swimmer in front of you.

2.     If you are swimming faster than someone and need to pass, gently touch the foot of the swimmer before you. If the swimmer behind you touches your foot, make sure they have room to pass, or let them go ahead when you get to the wall. 

3.     During choice, swimmers doing slower strokes, such as breaststroke, should likely go after swimmers doing faster strokes, such as freestyle.

Practice most often involves circle swimming. With circle swimming, you should always swim on your right side of the lane.


Practice Times

The practice policy is swimmers must swim in their age group unless the coach initiates a request to move the swimmers to another practice. This policy is necessary to manage the numbers of swimmers in each practice and to group swimmers based on ability and maturity. In each practice, there are enough swimmers at different levels to have lanes appropriate to challenge each swimmer.

Swimmer’s Responsibilities

1.    Come prepared with goggles, caps (if necessary by coaches' request), water bottle, and appropriate swimming attire.

2.    Arrive on deck 10 minutes prior to practice to allow adequate time for stretching.

3.    Attend practices you are scheduled for unless otherwise discussed with the head coach.

4.    If a swimmer is to be late or absent from practice for multiple days, notice should be given to the coaches prior to practice by email or phone call.

5.    If there is a predicament at practice with a swimmer the parent and/or guardian will be notified following practice. Practice should be productive and enjoyable for everyone!

Be positive and have fun!

Inclement Weather

Always report to the pool for practices and meets, despite weather conditions (within reason) or unless you have heard otherwise. Precautions are taken for lightning and when conditions call for moving swimmers to safety.  As a general rule, practice will not be canceled due to rain, cold weather or cold water.  However, you know your child best and we fully understand the need to make the best decision for your swimmer on a case by case basis.


I have more questions! Help!


If you still have questions, please contact the board at [email protected]