Family Requirements


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Family Requirements

For All Manta Rays Swim Team Members (Not Required for Minis but it’s a great way to get to know the team before you move up)

Parent Volunteer Responsibilities

Parent volunteers are ESSENTIAL to a successful summer swim season. Swim meets and team building social events couldn't happen without YOU!! 

It takes 34 volunteers from our team to support each Away meet and 48 to support each Home meet.  This team doesn’t run without volunteers.  The kids are depending on you!  Register early for the position you want as they are on a first come first serve basis.

Each Manta Ray family is required to fulfill 15hrs volunteer hours throughout the season. These hours can be fulfilled by completing the following: 

1.     Volunteer at Swim Meets, OR

2.     Volunteer on 1 Committee, OR

3.     Be a Committee Chairperson for the season, OR

4.     Be a Manta Ray Board member


Please note: We welcome your extra volunteer efforts, but need the majority of volunteer efforts for the swim meets, to make them possible!


To ensure that volunteer jobs are divided equitably among ALL participating Manta Ray families, we will be tracking volunteer hours throughout the season. If a family does not fulfill their volunteer obligations by the end of the season, they will not be allowed to register next season as a returning family. 

All Volunteer signups will occur online, beginning in early to mid-May. As the Volunteer Sign-Ups become available, we will post instructions and send an e-mail with instructions on how to sign up.


Thanks so much for your support! Manta Ray Summer Swim Team wouldn't be possible without you!!

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If you still have questions, please contact the board at [email protected]