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Swim Meet Volunteer Jobs

For All Manta Rays Swim Team Members (Not for Minis)

Jobs good for new swim team families


·       Concessions:  Set up and break down concession stand at home meets.  Sell food and drinks.  Pick up ice (before the meet, if needed).  (On the job training provided). Assist chair and other volunteers selling items at home meets.


·       Concessions Ice/Food Pick Up & Delivery and Standy By:  Purchase concession items as decided by Concessions Committee chairs prior to swim meet. Deliver purchased items to pool. Submit receipts to Manta Ray treasurer for reimbursement. (No training needed).   Depending on the meet, this position will be on standby during the first 1/2 or 3/4 of the meet in case a last minute concessions errand needs to be run.


·       Clean Up:  Return the pool and pool deck back to the condition it was in before the meet.  (On the job training provided).  Maps and instructions will be provided.


·       Event Flip board:  Keep track of each swim event and update the flip board to show event number and heat. (On the job training provided).


·       Grill:  Responsible for cooking of grill items to be sold at home meets.


·       Grill Food Pick Up & Delivery:  Purchase grill items as decided by Revenue Manager Chair prior to swim meet. Deliver purchased items to pool. Submit receipts to Manta Ray treasurer for reimbursement. (No training needed).


·       Ribbons:  Assist Computer Operator Chair with recording swimmers' data onto ribbons of appropriate place throughout the meet. (On the job training provided).  Can be a good position for those with small children who need some attending to during the meet.


·       Runner: Collect DQ slips from Stroke & Turn judges and deliver them to the Referee. Once the Referee has approved the DQ slips take one copy to the Computer Operator and another copy to the Coaches so they have a chance to dispute the DQ if they deem necessary. Also collect time cards from timers and deliver to the Computer Operator for entry.


·       Swimmer Coordinator: Collect the kids from the team area and ensure they get to the Clerk of Course in enough time to be organized and seated in the staging area. (Minor on-the-job training needed).


·       Set Up: Set up the pool and deck before each meet according to specifications provided by the team. Ensure bathrooms are fully stocked with toilet paper and paper towels (No training needed).


·       Team Area:  Monitor swimmers in the team area to ensure proper behavior, good sportsmanship, etc.


·       Timer:  Time and record the time for each swimmer in the designated lane. (On the job training provided).

Jobs good for veteran swim team families

·       Head Timer:  A position ideal for a veteran timer. Head timer calls for and gives Timer's meeting approx 30 minutes prior to the start of the meet (notify announcer to gather timers at specified location). During the meet, Head Timer ensures all timers' watches are cleared before each race, signals starter timers are ready, and assists timers if their watches fail to start once a race has begun.


·       Announcer:  Announce all swim events and any relevant meet announcements to ensure that the meet runs according to schedule.  Can be a combined role with the DJ Committee position.  (On the job training provided).


·       Clerk of Course/Assistant Clerk of Course:  Organize the swimmers in the waiting area before their event. Seat swimmers in the order in which they will swim their event by lane and heat. (On the job training provided.)


·       Data Entry:  Record swimmers’ times during the meet and complete all entries by the conclusion of the meet.  (On the job training provided)


·       Referee:  A position that requires certification by the League. To be eligible to be a referee, an individual must be recommended by the Team representative.  In addition, the candidate must be certified as a stroke and turn judge as well as a starter and have knowledge of all deck official positions and meet administrative responsibilities.  (League training required)


·       Starter:  A position that requires certification by the League.  To be eligible for the position of the starter an individual must have worked one season as a Stroke and Turn judge.  The Starter is responsible for the correct start of each event during a meet. May also be responsible for Announcer functions.  (League training required)


·       Stroke and Turn Judge:  A position that requires certification by the League.  The responsibilities include: watching each lane during each event to determine if the stroke and turns are being completed correctly and completing DQ cards for swimmers that have been disqualified from a particular event.  (League training required) 

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