Competition Clinics

Manta Rays
Competition Clinics

For All Manta Rays Swim Team Members Including Minis

Program Overview

This is a supplemental program to the Manta Rays Swim team and is available exclusively for Manta Rays Swim Team members looking for a competitive edge.  It is not swim lessons. This program is led by our Manta Rays USA Swimming Certified Coaching Staff.  This program offers competitive stroke clinics that focus on teaching and improving the more technical strokes (butterfly and breaststroke), as well as other competitive skills (starts and turns, freestyle and backstroke balance and streamline) and is designed to ensure swimmers remain compliant with league stroke and turn regulations.


It is organized in small groups (Max 10/instructor).


The schedule below is tentative and subject to change.


·         Starts & Turn Clinic- week starting TBD

o   Monday - Friday, 45-minute sessions, 5:30pm (ages 8 & under), 6:30pm (ages 9 & older)

o   ​Mimimum kids for the session - 5

o   Maximum kids for the session - 10 

o   Registration closes TBD


·       Freestyle & Backstroke Balance & Streamline clinic - week starting TBD

o   Monday - Friday, 45-minute sessions, 5:30pm (ages 8 & under), 6:30pm (ages 9 & older)

o   Mimimum kids for the session - 5

o   Maximum kids for the session - 10 

o   Registration closes TBD



·     Cost is $50 for the week per child (space is very limited)


·     Registration will be made available through the Manta Rays web site (same process as registration for the team)


·     Registration will open up once we have finalized the schedule with the Head Coach and HOA


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