Coaches Credentials

2017 Received Coaches Background/Credentials Submitted

All coaches and those over 18 who have direct, daily contact with swimmers need to pass a background check. USA Swim coaches you can e-mail a screen shot of your credentials to Everyone else should go tot he Background Check page on the ODSL website and process a background check. When you receive the background check "pass" notice via email, please forward to teresameike@ Team/coaches not in compliance are in violation of our insurance policy and will be banned from holding meets.

Hannah Young - Woodlea

Tanya Chang - Woodlea

Matthew Szilagyi - Lansdowne

Hali Mai - Rivercrest

Jake Yeager - Stratford

Michelle Song - Franklin Park

John Kost - Kirkpatrick Farms

Jasmine Curran  - Viperfish

Brynn Kilgore - Lifetime

Nick Vaka - Woodlea Watermocs

Xochi Hartley - Franklin Park

Kelly Young - Woodlea Watermocs

Evan Goodman - Franklin Park

Maddie Oliver - Martin's Chase

Josh Herbstritt - Loudoun Valley Viperfish

Tom Pollock - Brambleton

Avery Manbeck - Stone Ridge

Michelle Malloy - Woodlea

Caroline Pennington - Potomac Station

Tom Pollock - Brambleton

Baylie Delean - South Riding

Joey Lightbody - Tavistock

Kayla Snider - Potomac Station

Emilia Missing - Tavistock

Holly Anne Carll - Exeter

Adam Stone Rook - Exeter

Jill Orton - Potomac Station

Ben Dingus - South Riding

Carter Beardsley - South Riding

Kaitlyn Pollock - Brambleton

Jessica Peake - South Riding

Tracy Endo - Loudoun Valley Torpedoes

Kenneth Schiffer - Red Rockets

Arthur Raven - Brambleton

Caroline Haines - Brambleton

Ross Hawks - Greenway Farms

Sam Presgraves - Stratford Sea Otters

Cindy Ramboyong - South Riding

Jeanne Fye - Belmont

Alexander Mason - Lovettsville

Phillip Crouch - Stone Ridge

Kacey Hauck - Stone Ridge

Hayley Robertson - Red Rocks

Kristen Murphy - Evergreen Meadows

Bryan Durazo - Loudoun Valley Viperfish

Tim Whelan - Loudoun Valley Estates

Eric Bateman - Willowsford

Bridget Reilly - Willowsford