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Moraga Country Club Swim Team, The Waves, averages between 200 and 300 summer recreational swimmers per year.  A subset of those swimmers participate in fall swimming and spring clinics.  The MCC swimming facility is a 9 lane, 25 yard pool.

Any questions about swim team, or to register your children, please contact us  at [email protected]

Swim Team Dues                        

Swim Team dues are $475 per swimmer in age groups: Micro Waves, 6 & Unders, 7-8's, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, plus a $5 online fee per family registration. After April 1, 2019 dues increase to $500 per swimmer, plus a $5 online fee per family registration.  15/18’s:  $100 per swimmer, plus a $5 online fee per family registration.


If a swimmer leaves the team and provides written notification to Tiffany Forbes, MCC  Aquatics Director, on or before May 6th, dues for the swimmer will be refunded in full. If a swimmer leaves the team and provides written notification on or before May 13th, they will receive a 50% dues refund. If a swimmer leaves the team after May 13th, NO REFUND will be given.       

Swimmer Eligibility*                                                                                                                            

MCC Swim Team is part of the Orinda Moraga Pool Association (OMPA) and abides by the rule that the swimmer "age group" is determined by their age on June 15th.  They will swim in that age group for the entire summer. Age group swimmers are listed as follows:

6 & Under:  Water confident...   These swimmers are able to swim unassisted in water of any depth.  They can tread water for 60 seconds, they can successfully complete 10 air exchanges (bobs) in deep and shallow water, they can kick 25 yards on their back (or, rolling over with a 4-count) unassisted, and they have some knowledge of how to do the freestyle "big arms", with side breathing, or rolling to the back for air.  These swimmers can compete in meets.

7-8's , 9-10's, 11-12's, 13-14's, 15-18's:  These swimmers have mastered all strokes and compete in team meets in accordance with the OMPA guidelines

MicroWaves:  The MicroWaves Program is our "learn to swim" program; it's a great introduction to swim team; it's also a great place for those swimmers who wish to learn to swim REALLY WELL, but have no interest in being on the swim team.  The youngest age of a child in our MicroWaves program is generally 3 years old, though our only MINIMUM requirement is that all participants MUST BE POTTY TRAINED!  Each child is paired with one of our junior coaches and receives a 20 minute private lesson at the same time each day, Monday - Thursday (12:45 or 1:10).  The program starts June 11 and runs through July 26.  There are no lessons the week of July 2.  The goal of the MicroWaves program is two-fold -- first, to get new swimmers water confident, and ready to join the swim team; AND, to offer an outlet for those NOT interested in competing, but who do have a desire to swim really well.  To graduate from level 10 of this program, a swimmer must complete 300 yards of freestyle  (with flip turns), do a legal 100 IM, a legal 100 backstroke and 100 breaststroke, and a legal 50 yard butterfly.  Rarely does a swimmer complete level 10...  One can move onto the swim team generally after passing Level 6 of the program.  

*In order for a swimmer to participate in any Swim Team Workouts or Meets, he/she must be a registered swimmer and his/her parents must have signed up for any work duty responsibilities by April 24, 2019.

VACATION PHILOSOPHY                                                                                                                     

MCC Swim Team supports your family’s desire to take vacations and appreciates your team support to stay in town for the following invitational meets:

  • OPP Relays: Saturday, June 29, 2019 (A+ Swimmers)
  • MVP Bottoms Up: Sunday, June 30, 2019 (only swimmers at the "bottom" of their age group, i.e., 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, and 15 year olds)
  • Meadow Mini Meet: Sunday, July 14, 2019 (only swimmers 8 years old and under on the day of the day of the meet, July 14th) -- this is a great meet for MicroWaves who are ready
  • Sleepy Hollow B Meet: Sunday July 21, 2019 (only swimmers that qualify for the B meet)
  • OMPA Championship: Friday, August 2 -  Sunday, August 4, 2019 (ALL swimmers participate)